Businesswoman Jessica Taylor, a former candidate for the U.S. Senate and Congress, has endorsed Congressman Mo Brook’s candidacy for the Senate seat.

“Katie Britt will be just another cog in Mitch McConnell’s wheel,” Taylor said. “She will be a big-spending Republican who continues to cede power to the federal government. Mo Brooks is a true conservative and has proven he’s not afraid to drain the Swamp and has my full endorsement and support.”

“I thank Jessica Taylor for her strong endorsement, and I welcome the support and vote of all Mike Durant voters like her,” Brooks said. "This is an epic Republican runoff battle that will affect America’s future for years to come. It is the Mitch McConnell Establishment versus the Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul conservative and liberty GOP wings. It is David versus the Swamp’s Goliath. It is the Special Interest Machine versus the People.  It is anti-MAGA versus MAGA. In sum, if you like how GOP RINOs sunk President Trump’s ship in 2017 and 2018, failing to build the wall or repeal ObamaCare, then you will love Katie Britt because she is wed to those political forces that prevented conservatives from fulfilling our campaign promises on border security, ObamaCare, deficits, and debt.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is backing Britt. Taylor previously endorsed veteran Mike Durant. McConnell and Britt’s campaigns spent millions of dollars in TV ads to sideline Durant’s campaign.

“This is why good people don’t want to run,” Durant said in a campaign stop on Sunday ahead of the Republican primary. “I was in first place before I was carpet-bombed.”

Durant is expected to endorse Brooks ahead of the runoff election.

Brooks will face Katie Britt in the June 21 Republican Primary runoff.

Brooks says that he “is the America First candidate for United States Senate.”

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