BIRMINGHAM — The Alabama GOP (ALGOP) held leadership elections during the party’s winter meeting at the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday morning.

Member of ALGOP reelected several incumbents, including chairman John Wahl, who was first elected in 2021.

“Serving you as chairman truly is an honor and privilege to me,” Wahl said.

Wahl insisted that he would opt out of delivering a lengthy acceptance speech because he delivered the opening remarks before elections.

The incumbent Wahl did not face opposition despite being at the center of controversy over an alleged misappropriation of a state ID at his voting precinct last year.

Voting then opened for the vice chairman position. Members elected former Shelby County Republican Party Chair Joan Reynolds as vice chairman to replace John Skipper.

Reynolds won the election against two other nominees: former ALGOP Regional vice chair for Districts 3, 6 and 7 Pat Wilson and producer of “2000 Mules” Gregg Phillips. Phillips intended to be at the ALGOP meeting but had trouble getting to Birmingham in time due to inclement weather.

Vestavia Hills City Councilwoman and wife of Alabama Supreme Court Justice Greg Cook, Kimberly Cook, spoke in favor of Reynolds before the vice-chairman election.

“Joan has been working for our party for a long time,” Cook said. “… Thatcher was known as the iron lady, but Joan is our steel magnolia … Joan is decisive, well-spoken and of no-nonsense.”

“I really do appreciate each and every one of you for putting confidence in me as the Vice Chair,” Joan said following the election. “If you need anything, and you cannot get John Wahl, you can always call me.”

ALGOP members elected incumbents Carol Jahns as secretary and Sallie Bryant as treasurer.

Elected regional chairmen were as follows:

Districts 1 and 2: Bill Harris (incumbent)

Districts 3, 6 and 7: Renee Powers (to replace Wilson)

Districts 5 and 4: Josh Dodd (incumbent)

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