Katt Williams' new hour-long special "Woke Foke" premiered live on Netflix Saturday, and one big Alabama news story was featured as part of what Williams called "the real news."

Throughout the special, Williams discussed headlines that almost seem unbelievable but are real. The story of Carlee Russell, of Hoover, was one of those.

Last summer, Russell faked her own abduction while on the phone with a friend. She said she was on the side of Interstate 459 in Hoover and saw a toddler walking alongside the road.

The story gained national attention, and Williams said he had a message for white people: black people were embarrassed by Russell.

The crowd erupted in laughter as Williams continued.

"I knew she was lying 30 seconds in," he continued. "She said something that was embarrassing to kidnappers. She said the kidnappers took her wig off and put it in the car."

Russell pleaded guilty to two counts of false reporting of an incident and was sentenced to probation.

Williams later brought up what he described as the "Alabama riverboat brawl."

"That is one of the greatest things I ever saw in my life," he said.

The crowd once again erupted in laughter and cheers. For several minutes, Williams spoke about a man who swam from the boat to the dock and used a folding chair to hit people.

He said the brawl was not racial, but it was equality.

"Woke Foke" was recorded live and is available exclusively on Netflix.

"Telling truths and spilling secrets, comedy legend Katt Williams lets loose in this no-holds-barred stand-up special," the show preview states.

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