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Carlee Russell Alabama News
Senate approves Carlee Russell-inspired bill increasing penalty for false reporting of a crime

The Alabama Senate passed House Bill 82, a bill enhancing the penalties for falsely reporting a crime to law enforcement, on Wednesday.

Katt Williams special Alabama News
Katt Williams mentions Carlee Russell, Riverboat Brawl in new 'Woke Foke' Netflix special

Katt Williams’ new hour-long special “Woke Foke” premiered live on Netflix Saturday and one big Alabama news story was featured as part of what Williams called “the real news.”

Carlee Russell pleads guilty, sorry for ‘grave mistake’ of faking abduction

Carlethia “Carlee” Russell, 26, of Hoover, pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of false reporting of an incident in connection to her July 13, 2023, fake abduction.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Carlee Russell expected to plead guilty in state case appealing municipal conviction for faking her own kidnapping

When Carlethia “Carlee” Russell was convicted in Hoover for faking her own abduction, her attorneys took the case to the state level to appeal. However, it appears the parties have had a change of heart.

Bill inspired by Carlee Russell hoax passes House of Representatives

A bill inspired by the faked kidnapping of Carlee Russell passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Senate committee passes Carlee Russell-inspired bill creating felony charges for faking an abduction

Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee passed legislation on Wednesday enhancing penalties for falsely reporting a crime alleging an individual or the public is in imminent danger.

Photo from Vulcan Park and Museums Facebook page Alabama News
Birmingham in 2023: This year’s top stories in Alabama’s largest metro area

Though Birmingham is no longer Alabama’s largest city, the Birmingham area remains the largest metropolitan region in the state. In 2023, the City of Birmingham faced several problems, from a wave of violent crime that continued into 2023 from 2022 to a severe truancy problem in its public school system that drew the ire of Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Hoover city councilman commends state lawmakers for drafting false reporting legislation after Carlee Russell incident

A Hoover city councilman thanked state lawmakers for working on legislation to increase penalties for false reporting following the staged kidnapping of Hoover’s Carlee Russell, which gained national attention earlier this year.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Carlee Russell appeals guilty verdict in kidnapping hoax

The Hoover woman whose fake abduction scheme captured national attention over the summer was found guilty Wednesday in Municipal Court.

Carlee Russell Mug Alabama News
Carlee Russell set to appear in court for first time since kidnapping hoax

The woman accused of faking her own abduction will soon face a judge. Carlee Russell is scheduled to appear in Hoover Municipal Court on October 11, according to reports.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Hoover City Council passes resolution supporting stricter penalties for false reporting of violent crimes following Carlee Russell kidnapping hoax

The Hoover City Council passed a resolution on Monday urging the Alabama Legislature to increase penalties for false reporting following the Carlee Russell hoax that occurred in the city last month.

Jemele Hill Alabama News
'Had she been a white woman, nobody would be introducing a law' — Former ESPN host Jemele Hill slams Carlee Russell-inspired bill creating felony charges for faking an abduction

As the dust continues to settle following the fake kidnapping of Carlee Russell last month, former ESPN host Jemele Hill is pushing back against State Sen. April Weaver’s (R-Brierfield) bill that would create a new felony crime for faking an abduction.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Randy Tatano: How does the media select missing persons for coverage?

People get emotional and care a great deal about pretty things that are broken. And the media knows this. Especially when it comes to missing persons. 

April Weaver Alabama News
State Sen. Weaver to drop Carlee Russell-inspired bill creating felony charges for faking an abduction

State Sen. April Weaver (R-Brierfield) announced on Monday that she will introduce legislation in the 2024 regular session that creates a new felony crime for faking an abduction.

Steve Marshall Alabama News
'This is not a victimless crime': AG Marshall vows to seek restitution from Carlee Russell abduction hoax — Says investigation is 'not over'

It has been a week since Carlee Russell admitted to an alleged kidnapping hoax, but the fallout continues.

Treadaway Reynolds Alabama News
Former law enforcement officers turned lawmakers respond to Hoover police chief call for stricter penalties following Carlee Russell case

Hoover Police chief Nick Derzis said Friday during a press conference that he plans to go to state lawmakers to try and get penalties changed when it comes to reporting false violent crimes. At least two former law enforcement officers turned state representatives are on board.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Carlee Russell arrested in connection to kidnapping hoax in Hoover; Case could mean changes in Alabama law

More than two weeks after a widespread search for Carlee Russell, she has been charged after authorities said she faked her own kidnapping.

Carlee Russell admits to lying about baby on I-459; Attorney says there was never a kidnapping

The Hoover Police Department announced Monday that Carlee Russell, 25, has admitted to lying about circumstances surrounding her disappearance from the side of the road on Thursday, July 13.

Carlee Russell Alabama News
Should've seen it coming? Ten warning signs from Carlee Russell on social media

A dive into Carlee Russell's social media posts in the wake of her seemingly debunked story of abduction.

Allen Keller: Carlee Russell story a symbol of the poor leadership of our time

The Carlee Russell story seems in keeping with an overall devaluing of truth in our culture.

misTAKEN: Hoover PD reveal internet searches found in Carlee Russell's phone prior to disappearance — 'No threat to public safety'

Hoover police revealed new information in case of Carlee Russell.

Today show Alabama News
Parents of Carlee Russell on ‘Today’ show: ‘She was not in a good state’

While investigators continue to try and figure out what exactly happened when 25-year-old Carlee Russell disappeared on the night of Thursday, July 13, her parents are revealing some of what they know on national television.