It has been a week since Carlee Russell admitted to an alleged kidnapping hoax, but the fallout continues.

Attorney General Steve Marshall's office got involved in the ongoing investigation late last week.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel on Sunday, Marshall said beyond the law enforcement costs incurred searching for Russell, there were societal costs as well.

"There are actual costs, and there are societal costs," he said on "Fox & Friends Weekend." "This is not a victimless crime. Clearly, the City of Hoover, through their police department as well as surrounding law enforcement agencies, expended significant resources to try to make sure we could locate not only Carlee Russell but, don't forget, the allegation involved an infant on the side of a busy highway. We put significant resources into being able to try to find both. Now, obviously, we know that was a false allegation, and it is our intention through this criminal prosecution to make sure we recover that restitution but also understand the impact on society. You had countless individuals come out late, early, in the heat in Alabama looking for both of these individuals. One thing I don't want to see from this is people become jaded in their response at times when their help was necessary."

Marshall suggested there was a possibility more charges could be forthcoming.

"In Alabama, both the charges which have been levied thus far are misdemeanors," Marshall added. "But let's make it clear — this investigation is not over. Not only do we want to figure out what took place during that 49-hour period, which right now, there is a gap. But also, we want to know who else may have been involved and who helped perpetuate this fraud."

According to Marshall, both the misdemeanor charges against Russell carry a maximum of a year in jail.

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