The richest, most powerful elites in the United States founded the Democratic Party to defeat equal freedom and rights under the U.S. Constitution, starting with black Americans, who were slaves at our founding. Democrats and their enablers, including RINOs, have kept common Americans divided by race to manipulate and control us forever since. 

John Brown grew up mostly on his family's farm in Ohio. While he was working away from home for someone else at the age of 12, he saw a black slave boy severely beaten by his master and decided to dedicate his life to improving the lives of African-American slaves. Brown studied at a young age to become a minister but also worked in his father's tannery business, became a self-taught surveyor and eventually owned his own tannery. 

Brown became acquainted with many abolitionists who encouraged him, including Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, becoming an abolitionist himself. He used his family home as a stop for escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad. 

Brown had 20 children in his life, including many sons; about half of them were born after his first wife died and he re-married. After a few of his sons moved from Ohio to the Kansas territory to start their own lives, they encountered pro-slavery settlers who wanted to make Kansas into a slave state after the Democrat pro-slavery Kansas-Nebraska Act was signed into law. The violent pro-slavery settlers were attacking and trying to drive out settlers, including Brown's sons, who opposed slavery. 

Brown believed violence was the only way to stop slavery after so many political compromises had failed. He went to Kansas and fought back violently against the pro-slavery settlers who were trying to drive others out, and Kansas was eventually admitted to the Union as a free state. 

After years of thinking and planning, Brown launched an attack in 1859 on slave owners and a U.S. armory in Harper's Ferry, Virginia (now part of West Virginia), in his effort to start a slave rebellion that he believed could end slavery. He discussed his plans with Frederick Douglass and asked him to join his fight, but Douglass declined to join him because he didn't think he could succeed and because Douglass believed he could accomplish more through his speaking and writing. 

Brown captured the Armory at Harper's Ferry but was defeated soon after. He was then tried, convicted and hanged for treason in December 1859. Although his plan failed, his actions are widely viewed as contributing to the fight against slavery that culminated in the U.S. Civil War and the end of slavery. 

Frederick Douglass, meanwhile, was pursued by federal agents serving the interests of the Democrat slave owners, who wanted to wrongfully charge him as a co-conspirator in the Harper's Ferry raid and have him hanged for opposing slavery. 

The recent attack on the home of former President Donald Trump by federal agents, serving the interests of Democrat politicians and their continued jailing of political prisoners for protesting peacefully on January 6, 2021, is similar in many ways to the pursuit of Frederick Douglass by federal agents who supported slavery in the interests of Democrat politicians. But there are a few very important differences. 

First, the only thing President Trump is and has been guilty of is lawfully and peacefully using his constitutional powers to oppose Democrat elites who are trying to destroy our country's ability to SECURE our God-given equal freedom and rights. 

Second, there was NO violent attack on federal property on January 6 by Trump supporters trying to stop the steal of the 2020 election from the American people. I am convinced that the violence on January 6 was instigated by federal agents and their stooges working in the interests of Democrat politicians. 

What about Hillary Clinton's emails and Hunter Biden's laptop?

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