Isaiah Washington is a successful actor and director widely known for portraying Dr. Preston Burke in the early seasons of the popular television series, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Washington seemed well-established in this role, but his contract was not renewed after several seasons, reportedly because he referred to a fellow cast member as a “faggot” during a backstage discussion with another cast member. The man in question afterwards publicly admitted that he was a homosexual. Washington would later publicly apologize for his comment. 

In recent years, Washington became a member of the #WalkAway movement, leaving the Democratic Party and expressing support for President Trump. Such an action likely didn’t win him many friends in the entertainment industry, and on Feb. 28, 2023, Washington announced his retirement from TV and movies via Twitter.

In his tweet, Washington explained that he was disgusted with the “color construct” that divides our nation, indicating that he was concerned that the nation was about to fall “into Socialism and then Communism.”

Interestingly, Washington also referred to himself as a Frederick Douglass Conservative. I find that interesting because it’s similar to an argument I have often made.

I’ve argued that conservatives should stop using the word “conservative” to identify themselves politically. Because of the left’s successful negative propaganda, the word "conservative" is now a synonym for "racist" or an “Uncle Tom,” and when you tell someone that you are a conservative, you basically admit that you fall in one of those categories.

I am not suggesting that we should abandon conservative principles. I simply believe that using the word “conservative” is not the answer to overcome the “Uncle Tom” and “racist” labels. We will have a much better chance of being persuasive if we do not use the word and don’t identify ourselves as such.

The late godfather of conservative talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, agreed with me. During his Nov. 28, 2018 show, Rush encouraged his listening audience to stop using the word “conservative.”

“I don't like having to say this, but being honest with you and with myself is paramount. And I can tell you … if conservatism and liberalism are brands, the left has succeeded in destroying the brand of conservatism. …

So, pushing conservatism is not the answer."

Rush went on to say:

"I would suggest to you, when you're out and about and if you run into an occasion where you have the opportunity to talk politics … do not use the word conservative.

Do everything else, but don't call yourself that, don't promote it, don't reference it. …

I think you're going to find if you do this that you're going to have far more people agree with your solutions than will disagree, if you don't identify yourself first as a conservative."

Where do you think Rush got this thought from? I would like to think it’s from yours truly. Six months earlier, I received a phone call from Rush's executive producer letting me know they liked my message and encouraging me to keep it up.

Over 15 years ago, I was having trouble understanding how conservatives with a strong Christian foundation, constitutional principles, and the valuable wisdom of our founding fathers could not articulate themselves. They could not attract new voters, inspire current voters, or offer a compelling account of what conservatives stand for. Using the word “conservative” didn’t open minds, it closed them. Something was missing, and I was determined to find an answer.

I designed a persuasive messaging model called the Frederick Douglass Republican™ (FDR) Engagement Strategy, grounded in the liberty message of Frederick Douglass, the diversity engagement strategy of the Apostle Paul, and the outreach ministry of Jesus Christ. The solution was in front of us all this time.

My suggestion is that conservatives should identify themselves politically as Frederick Douglass Republicans™ in lieu of using the word “conservative.”

Conservatives must change the way they think about their current political identity. Change is not something to be dreaded. Instead, it is something to embrace, for without change, this world would never improve or advance.

If conservatives are serious about defeating Marxism and preserving the blessing of liberty, they must stop doing the things they already know don't work. The "FDR Engagement Strategy" is designed for the sole purpose of empowering conservatives with the confidence, knowledge and skills to ignite America's passion for liberty and trump the race card.

I believe Isaiah Washington, former President Donald Trump, and conservatives in general would be much better off today if they would learn how to leverage the Frederick Douglass Republican™ Engagement Strategy.

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