This is Part 1 of a two-part series regarding one aspect of my political awakening.

I know I was born Black, but I also thought I was born a Democrat. Then one day I realized I was born neither a Democrat nor a Christian ─ I was born a sinner and born again by the Spirit of God.

Just as I had to accept Christ for myself through studying and accepting His word as truth, I had to do the same with my political philosophy. Once I embarked on the journey of reading my life backward, my eyes were open to the manipulative nature of images and how they influence my thoughts, actions, feelings and political decision-making.

There is plenty of truth in saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. As I looked back over my life, the Kennedy─King─Kennedy image led to my blind and total loyalty to the Democratic Party.

The Propaganda Portrait

The image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., flanked by President John F. Kennedy Jr. (JFK) and his brother Robert F. Kennedy (RFK), represents the biggest political lie that has ever been told to Black Americans.

The Kennedy─King─Kennedy image was introduced to Black communities across the country beginning in the 1970s to memorialize the assassinations of these men. And, in my opinion, it was masterfully used as propaganda by the Democrat Party to win the hearts and minds of Blacks.

As a youth, I remember seeing this image on such items as throw rugs, ceramic plates, candlestick holders and church fans. In many Black homes, these items are considered precious heirlooms. I have seen this print in many Black households, prominently displayed near the Bible, the picture of the Last Supper or the family portrait.

In fact, as a teenager, I remember visiting a friend’s home and seeing one of these paintings hanging on the wall in the front room. While I was sitting there, his grandmother asked me if I knew what these three men had in common. I told her I did not. She quickly replied, “The last name of each of these men begins with the letter “K” and “K” stands for kind.”

You cannot find this portrait in the homes of younger Blacks today. There is no need to ─ the propaganda is already deeply seated in their heads and hearts, passed down to them by their parents or grandparents.

Similar to many Blacks, through this image, I believed with all my heart that JFK and RFK were close members of my family. I was convinced they were supporters of Dr. King and champions of the Civil Rights Movement. The propaganda efforts of the Democrat Party worked. It captivated my impressionable mind. The political party that viciously exploited and enslaved my ancestors deceived me to gain my vote and unquestionable loyalty.

JFK on Civil Rights

As you may recall, President Dwight Eisenhower (a Republican) signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Primarily a voting rights bill, the 1957 Civil Rights Act was meant to ensure that Black Americans could exercise their right to vote. This was the first piece of civil rights legislation submitted to Congress since 1875, when when President Ulysses S. Grant, another Republican president, presented such legislation.

The Civil Rights Act of 1957 was passed because it was a watered-down piece of legislation. The teeth that would have protected the voting rights of Black Americans were removed. So how did the 1957 civil rights bill get weakened?

In its original draft was a condition that certain violations of it could be tried in court without the benefit of a jury trial. This was an important stipulation because history had shown that southern juries would never convict a White person accused of violating the civil rights of a Black person.

John F. Kennedy Jr. was a senator from the state of Massachusetts at the time. He supported the trial by jury amendment that rendered the provisions of the 1957 civil rights bill virtually unenforceable. It passed by a vote of 51-42. This was a crushing defeat for the Civil Rights Movement.

Wiretaps on Dr. King

In 1961, Robert Kennedy, serving as his brother’s U.S. Attorney General, authorized the FBI to wiretap Dr. King under the suspicion that communists were involved in the Civil Rights Movement. The surveillance continued for six years, and no evidence of communist activities or influence was discovered.


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