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On Tuesday, November 8, we voted in the first national midterm election since the stolen 2020 presidential election. We have previously discussed the roles that voting machines, early voting, mail-in voting, and "ballot harvesting" played in 2020, but little has changed with them.

Election integrity experts, largely unable to rid us of these cheating methods, advised us to try to overwhelm the cheaters by voting in person and on Election Day instead of voting early or by mail in states allowing those methods. Many of us tried to do this, and our efforts may have had some positive effects. But the machines remain in place, and I know of no state except Florida which has enacted strict laws against ballot harvesting.

During his reign over the former Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin reportedly said that the people should be allowed to vote because the people voting do not make the decisions. The Communists went on to say that the people counting the votes of the people make the decisions.

As we have discussed before, Frederick Douglass said that a man's freedom rests in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. To live in peace and in a peaceful, free country, we must, most importantly, make sure that the ballot box supports our freedom.

Our country's socialist Democrat Mass Media Propaganda (MMP) machine and our mostly corrupt social media gave many Americans hope of a fair election by mostly ignoring the fact that the same cheating methods are still in place. A bright moment of truth occurred last night when a Fox News anchor admitted that Americans do not trust the voting results coming from the voting machines and suggested that they be removed in favor of paper ballots only.

Roger Stone, one of the election integrity proponents and experts, assembled by Mike Lindell to watch the election results last night, said that we're in about the same place we were two years ago, except we're better prepared. The results pouring in crushed the hopes of many Americans again. There were bad losses for freedom candidates amid obvious fraud in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, and California, along with suspected fraud in many other states. Among those states with obvious cheating in 2020, Florida's results made it look most fair.

But this midterm election is not final just yet. There will be many contested races, and there should be many voting machines opened for recounts and complete audits if the suggestions of election integrity experts are followed. I understand that elected county officials within the state governments, starting with sheriffs, have the authority to order these actions.

Suppose enough citizens demand election integrity now and pressure our government officials for action. In that case, we can vote on carefully counted and retained paper ballots only and only on Election Day, with very limited and few exceptions. We've done it before. Other countries, including France, a country that helped our founders in the American Revolution, conduct their elections that way.

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