The purpose of our federal government under the U.S. Constitution is to secure the God-given equal freedom and rights of the American people, regardless of race, sex, religion, and political affiliation. 

During the Trump administration, the investigation and law enforcement power of the U.S. federal government was used against our own president and members of his administration, through the Mueller “Russian Collusion” Investigation. This entire investigation was based on evidence assembled for a political campaign that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) knew was false, which has now been exposed by the FBI’s own Durham Report

It was accompanied by a parallel, completely political investigation in the House of Representatives, which failed to find any legitimate evidence with which to charge then-President Trump. 

The FBI was used, and is still being used, against American citizens who protested the 2020 election on Jan. 6, 2021, many of whom are still jailed as political prisoners. It was used to investigate President Trump for two impeachments after his actions threatened to publicly expose crimes allegedly committed by the Biden family. 

The FBI was also used to investigate Catholics who protested abortions; against parents who protested immoral, racist, and unethical treatment of their children at local school board meetings; and against Americans who protest other government policies and actions, calling them potential “terrorists.” In fact, it appears obvious to many that the FBI has been transformed into something like a “secret police” force for the sole use of the Biden administration. 

Today, we have a new majority in the House of Representatives. At least two legitimate, bipartisan House committees — the Judiciary Committee, and the Oversight Committee — are investigating the overuse of power by our federal government against American citizens. 

The House Oversight Committee is demanding evidence that the FBI now admits they possess, namely, that bribes have been paid to President Joe Biden and other members of his family by foreign governments. If true, this constitutes evidence of treason in my opinion. The FBI, possibly acting as Biden’s secret police force, has thus far refused to turn over the evidence to the House of Representatives. 

Instead, it seems they try to divert our attention elsewhere. Take the case of Justice Clarence Thomas, whom I believe is the very best justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Possibly to distract attention from the legitimate investigations conducted in the U.S. House of Representatives, leftist political operatives have apparently been falsely accusing Thomas of technical violations of ethics rules. These alleged violations have nothing to do with any case currently under review or previously under review during Thomas’ entire time on the Supreme Court. 

This apparently contrived distraction should be ignored, allowing the work of these legitimate, bipartisan, U.S. House of Representatives committees to continue. They must also decide whether any appropriate action should be taken. 

As for the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration and other investigative federal agencies, the powers of these agencies need to be carefully reviewed by Congress. They need to be reformed to do their jobs correctly or be eliminated and replaced with new agencies which will do those jobs properly.

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