I fondly remember the joys of being a newlywed. There was the excitement of our first holidays together, the privilege of having a permanent (and handsome) date to family occasions … and the joy of beating the daylights out of the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl for six years straight. 

Yep, for the first SIX (Fear the Thumb) years of my marriage, Coach Tommy Tuberville delivered wins for the Auburn Tigers against the Crimson Tide. It was a sweet, sweet time. I remain forever grateful for that era when I watched my husband and in-laws hang their heads in disappointment for six straight years in late November. Makes me tear up a bit even now. 

Fast forward to 2023, and Tuberville is still serving the state of Alabama, but now as a senator, standing strong on some very controversial issues in the past two years. A huge proponent of border security, Tuberville consistently advocates for a secure southern border, knowing that it is in the best interest of our national security to uphold legal immigration. 

The facts supporting his stance speak for themselves. 

A year ago, CNN published an article titled, “Everyone can now agree – the US has a border crisis.” Citing the expiration of a Trump-era order, Title 42, that turned migrants away as they tried to enter the United States illegally, the article warned that a huge influx of immigrants was coming. What happened next is exactly what was predicted, and it’s been chaos ever since. 

The Biden administration consistently lies when officials state our southern border is secure. It’s like they think we don’t have eyes. We can see the trains of immigrants coming across the border. Even the mainstream media is now showing enormous numbers of illegals coming across. Some groups only have men in them – where are the women and children? 

According to "Border Report,” "hundreds of asylum seekers have been sexually assaulted and violated” while crossing into Central America on their way to the U.S. The article cites a Doctors Without Borders report which found that more than 400 sexual assault victims – mainly women and children – have been treated near the Darien Gap in 2023 alone. Brigades of armed soldiers kidnap, rob and assault these helpless individuals. Drug runners use the same trails to traffic narcotics, the “New York Post” reports. It appears the pathway to the American dream for these asylum seekers is fraught with sexual violence and robbery. 

The record-breaking number of migrants crossing America’s border in 2023 was recently detailed in a “National Review” op-ed by Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green. He partially blames Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for reckless policies encouraging illegal crossings and lawlessness. “In FY 2023, CPB [Customs and Border Patrol] recorded more than 2.4 million encounters at the southwest border, a 42 percent increase from fiscal year 2021,” Green writes. 

Tuberville makes an excellent point regarding the safety of the American people. While most Americans can understand immigrants coming here to seek a better life, a criminal element is surely mixed in with thousands coming across each day. Roughly 670,000 known “gotaways” occurred in fiscal year 2023, Alabama Sen. Katie Britt reported on Twitter. Our government doesn’t know who they are, where they are, or what their intentions are in the United States. 

In November, Tuberville opposed the continued funding of Ukraine and attempts to tie funding for Israel with it. The Biden administration is happy to send unlimited funds abroad, he said, yet refuses to provide the resources to uphold our own border laws. Tuberville wants us to get things straight at home first instead of spending money everywhere but here. 

Tuberville also declared the obvious: under this administration, America is a nation in decline. If we don’t do what we can to strengthen our apparent weaknesses, we’re not going to have anything left to fight for. 

Tuberville reinforced his stance on border security this month during an appearance on Fox News. Republicans refusing to take action against border lawlessness could cause the GOP candidate to lose the next presidential election, he said. 

I sincerely appreciate Tuberville’s willingness to take a stand on this issue even if his Republican colleagues won’t. We need more leaders like him with an actual SPINE who are willing to speak out. Our nation is in peril due to a feckless, lawless administration and a mostly cowardly Congress. 

There is a reason why Tuberville won the Alabama Policy Institute’s 2023 Policy Warrior Award. He’s earned it.

Kristin Landers is a substitute teacher and freelance writer. Landers’ previous work includes serving as Communications Director for the Alabama Policy Institute and working for Citizens Against a Legalized Lottery (CALL) to defeat legalized gambling in the state of Alabama.

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