Since Life on Wheels began its mobile ultrasound ministry in 2016, it has helped over 6,000 clients, of which more than 360 women chose not to go through with an abortion after receiving a free ultrasound.

"That's the power of ultrasound," Dr. Matt Phillips, medical director and president of the board for Life on Wheels, said.

On last week's episode of the 1819 News Podcast, he and Ed Gannon spoke about how the ministry helps women in crisis pregnancy situations and how it has grown from 29 people meeting in a living room in 2016 to now include three buses.

"We knew we were doing God's will, we knew it would be effective, but we had no idea how much God would do," Phillips said. "Since we started then, we've seen now almost 6,000 clients … but the number that we're really thankful for — 308 women had abortions scheduled that canceled their abortion. That's a lot of babies. That's a whole school."

Philips told of one young woman who came onto the bus in Montgomery, which was parked close to an abortion clinic. Having already suffered a beating from the child's father, the woman was ready to end the child's life. However, one look at her ultrasound changed her mind, Philips said, and she ended up accepting Christ as her savior as well.

"When a woman changes her mind after seeing the ultrasound, we call that an interception. But if they come to Christ, that's a pick six," Philips said.

In 2020, Life on Wheels added a second bus to cover the Birmingham area. Phillips said they've now got a third bus that's soon going to Tuscaloosa.

"The return on our investment is so much," he said. "… I would love to see as many busses as we can, but at least a bus to cover all the major cities."

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