Update: McCollough has resigned. Full story here.

Recent audio recordings show a middle school music teacher at Drake Middle School in Auburn, who moonlights as a drag queen, details using his podcasting platform to engage with students because his “hands are tied” at his job.

Seth McCollough, also known as Colana Bleu, is a music teacher at Drake Middle School. His status as a gay man and drag queen is common knowledge, as he is the president of the executive board for Pride on the Plains, the flagship LGBTQ+ pride organization in Auburn, Opelika, and the surrounding communities.

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McCollough’s biography on the Pride on the Plains reads:

“Seth McCollough (they/them) is a graduate of Auburn University and currently working towards their Masters in Music Education. They have experience working around the state to help raise awareness and advocate for LGBTQ+ homeless youth, AIDS Outreach Alabama, and other Pride Organizations throughout the Southeast. Seth is a teacher with Auburn City Schools and now calls Auburn home. They are excited to work with the board to create an amazing Pride year.”

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Social media is also filled with pictures of McCollough’s trysts in his drag persona, Colana Bleu. However, recent audio clips from McCollough’s podcast and other guest appearances show how McCollough views his role as a teacher and how it relates to his goals as a podcaster.

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In his podcast, Bleu Dreams, McCollough discusses various topics, including his background, time as a teacher, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and more.

“I want to be for the young, queer youth of today what I needed when I was their age: an out, unapologetically proud, queer role model,” McCollough said in his inaugural episode. “I didn’t have one of those when I was growing up. And thankfully, at my job, I have that luxury. My husband comes to my school all the time to help with my choir concerts, field trips and other things like that. But I understand that not everybody has that luxury, so I’m going to use it to my advantage.”

“And you might say, ‘But why this podcast? If you can help the youth, why not do it at school?’ Well, you see, I have students ask me all the time, ‘How did you know you were gay?’ Can you explain more about gender identity? I don’t really get it. What are pronouns all about? What’s they/them? Can you explain that to me more?’ And I feel like I can’t have those conversations at school because my hands are tied. But here. I can help whoever with whatever advice they need.”

McCollough would go on to ensure anonymity for those submitting questions to his podcast. In other sections, he encouraged people to come out to their parents despite the family’s reaction.

Warning: Explicit language.

“When you come out, your mother is going to be upset because of how it’s going to make her look,” McCollough said. "But Fuck her feelings and be you.”

McCollough was also featured on the podcast “Look Who’s Tucking.” Some may remember this as the same podcast in which former Huntsville teacher and drag queen James Miller detailed how he "strategically" and "covertly" placed LGBTQ+ material in his classroom. Miller resigned his position shortly after the story dropped.

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The podcast’s host, Sharon Cocx, opined how much more crass he could be in his drag persona, to which McCollough replied, “100%.”

“As ‘Mr. M’ I have to be a teacher, so like, that professional persona and then turn around and be Colona, I can be as nasty as I want to,” McCollough said.

Cocx responded, “I like that name, Mr. M. It sounds a little dominatrix-y.” McCollough responded by laughing and saying, "You wish.

A video posted to the Libs of TikTok X page also shows McCollough opining on an unidentified audio recording, stating, "The only thing that I'm ever really worried about is If that wrong parent finds out, and the wrong parent makes a big enough stink, that I probably won't have a job anymore."

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