"The violence must end and the responsibility begins at home."

That is the message from Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin after he learned of a flyer being circulated among the city's youth.

The flyer calls for the 2024 Spring Break takeover March 30 – 31. Woodfin urged citizens to pay attention to the flyer and react accordingly.

"A few days ago I spoke about the dire need for parents to take an active role in protecting our children during spring break," Woodfin stated. "This image is the reason why. Literal children were planning spring break meetups that would perpetuate illegal activity."

The city is taking precautions, and the Birmingham Police Department has been made aware of the plans, Woodfin added.

"Parents, I advise you not to drop off children unattended in public places," he continued. "Your minor (18 and under) must be accompanied by an adult or you will have to come pick them up at family court where you will receive a summons to appear in court."

"It is imperative that mamas and daddies, big mommas, aunties and uncles – those caring adults who are closer to these children than any of us – take accountability for the whereabouts of the kids who live under their own roofs," Woodfin added.

Woodfin said for those who think he's "berating parents," he will continue to do so until the children are safe.

"I've spoken with too many grieving families," Woodfin said. "I've attended too many funerals of lives taken way too soon. The violence must end and the responsibility begins at home."

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