Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has endorsed Bryan Taylor for Alabama Chief Justice.

“I wholeheartedly endorse Bryan Taylor for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court,” Flynn wrote in a statement. “Bryan is exactly the kind of leader and judge that our country needs right now in such an important position.

Flynn said Taylor, who is a retired Army Judge Advocate and Iraq War veteran, has the experience and track record needed for the position.

“Throughout Bryan's 22 years of service in the military, and in his private practice, he has demonstrated steadfast devotion to upholding the Rule of Law and protecting and defending the Constitution,” Flynn said.

“Bryan has stood up for the conservative values upon which this great nation was founded,” he continued. “He will lead the courts with integrity and apply the law as written. Without reservation, I fully support Bryan Taylor for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and I urge you to do the same.”

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“I’m grateful to General Flynn for his endorsement, and I’m incredibly humbled to have such overwhelming support from my fellow veterans,” Taylor said. “As Chief Justice, I will continue to be a warrior for freedom, standing up for the liberties enshrined in our Constitution and standing against the weaponization of our courts for political or personal gain. I will apply the law as written, uphold the Constitution, and never legislate my own agenda from the bench.”

The national Veterans for Trump organization also endorsed Taylor.

Other endorsements came from the Alabama Forestry Association, the Alabama Realtors Association, Eagle Forum, State House Public Safety Committee chairman Allen Treadaway (R-Morris), prosecutors David Barber of Jefferson County, and Randall Houston of Autauga, Elmore and Chilton Counties.

Taylor is running against Alabama Supreme Court Justice Sarah Stewart in the March 5 Republican primary.

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