Roy Brook, the Alabama man who started the "American Flag Project," will soon be reunited with his United States flag.

He travels all over the state at high-profile events and stands with the flag to raise awareness of patriotism.

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But Brook accidentally left the flag at a marina when he went to Pensacola to visit his son. Upon returning home to Alabama, he took to social media for help locating the flag. After the social media post got hundreds of shares and news attention, Brook found out from the marina the flag was still there.

"It's been there the whole time and we made all this big production about it," he said. "I wanted my flag back and I put it online."

Brook said he was shocked by the reaction to the post.

"You just don't realize how many people know what you do until you do something like that," Brook added. "I am overwhelmed. I am just trying to absorb some of this stuff."

Brook's son contacted the people at the marina and got the flag back. He plans to get it back to his father as soon as possible.

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