Earlier this month, U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) asked for former President Donald Trump to re-endorse his campaign in a post on TruthSocial.

Last year, Trump endorsed Brooks' candidacy. However, after a lackluster showing according to polling, Trump pulled his endorsement of Brooks for going what Trump called "woke" regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Despite losing the Trump endorsement, Brooks rallied and secured a second-place finish in last month's Republican U.S. Senate primary, which earned him a spot in the June 21 runoff. Following the outcome, buzz swirled about the possibility of Trump re-endorsing Brooks.

According to Brooks, the open request for Trump's endorsement was a product of representatives from Trump's organization asking for such from Brooks. However, as it turned out, Trump formally endorsed Brooks' opponent, former Business Council of Alabama President and CEO Katie Britt, on Friday evening.

During an interview that aired on Rightside Radio, Brooks laid out his understanding of the potential re-endorsement.

"It was shocking to me because Donald Trump had requested that some people ask me if I would accept his endorsement if he gave it," Brooks said. "That's what instigated the tweet that went out from my campaign, or news release, whatever format it might have been in, encouraging Donald Trump to make the offer. It was based solely on a response to a Donald Trump request that we make that kind of submission. Let him know that we would take the endorsement if he gave it."

Brooks said reaction has come from around the country questioning Trump's judgment.

"That's my impression, and it's not just Alabama. It's around the country," Brooks said. "We've had conservative organizations and people around the United States of America who understand how important this Senate race is, who understand we're in a huge fight within the Republican Party between the special interest-establishment wing of the party and us fiscal conservatives, entities like the NRA, entities like the National Right to Life or locally Alabama Citizens for Life, entities like Eagle Forum, entities like Club for Growth that is a staunch supporter of free enterprise. And there are a lot of angry Trump supporters about what has transpired. It's pretty clear that for whatever reason, Donald Trump has abandoned us conservatives and MAGA supporters."

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