The City of Mobile is still in the process of completing annexation, and city leaders are working to inform new residents of what to expect.

"The entire City of Mobile team and our partners in West Mobile have worked hard to make this annexation effort a success, but we know our work isn't done," Mayor Sandy Stimpson said in a statement to 1819 News. "Our focus now is ensuring that all residents in these newly annexed areas, even those who voted not to join the city, see the benefits of becoming part of Mobile. Over the next few months, we'll continue to engage community members to make sure they understand the services the City of Mobile provides and how this change will impact them."

Along with community meetings, the mayor's chief of staff, James Barber, told 1819 News the city plans to send out direct mail and communicate with residents online.

Barber said the biggest issues people need to know about are garbage and trash pickup, tax changes, emergency services and council districting.


Garbage and trash pickup are two different services the City of Mobile will provide for residents.

"A lot of people confuse the two because they think trash is garbage," Barber explained.
But when we talk about trash, we are talking about yard debris or an old chair you want to get rid of, that's trash."

Residents should see new trash bins delivered during September. In some cases, residents may get stickers to add to their existing bins.

Private companies are currently competing for contracts with the city. The city will only choose companies currently operating in those areas because Barber said they do not want to put any private company out of business.

Residents should have garbage and trash services by Monday, October 2.


New residents will pay the city's ad valorem tax, but that will not go into effect for five years. That tax is 15 mills, which will equal $150 per year per $100,000 worth of property. Residents will get reminders three years, two years and one year before the start of the new tax.

"What you would see is when you get your notice for your tax due from the revenue commission in 2029, that's when you would see the first increase," deputy director of communications Jason Johnson said.

Sales tax will go into effect 60 days after the city contacts the Alabama Department of Revenue and merchants about the corporate limits tax. Barber said that contact will be made after the annexation vote is certified.


Emergency medical services will be in the new areas after the certification of the vote as well. Some work has been underway to ensure a smooth transition, but Mayor Stimpson previously said he hoped emergency services would begin the day after the election.

"Immediately we repositioned assets EMS assets so that should it have come sooner we would have been able to turn it on," Barber said. "We also had to work with 911 so that as soon as we turned the switch, Mobile Fire Rescue would dispatch. There is also a small area north of Kings Branch that was Semmes jurisdiction and we had to create emergency service zones, which is how 911 knows who to send, to turn on police, fire and EMS in that area, too."

Barber said if a caller uses a smartphone to contact 911, the geolocation will allow the call to be directed to the correct agency.

Police will also begin enforcing city ordinances in the new areas.

"It's just an increase in services by police, not necessarily more policemen," said Barber. "It will be more patrols in the area, not necessarily more beats in the area."


The newly annexed areas will have to be put into existing districts.

Barber said he hopes to have a basic idea of what that will look like by next week. However, the city must wait for the new council member to be elected for District 6 because all council members must live in their districts.

"Once we rebalance our districts, then we begin to sit down with each council district and go over it because there are neighborhoods they prefer to keep more than others," he said. "So, we will have to work on them with that."

Anyone can sign up for updates on annexation here.

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