A local executive of a Budweiser wholesaler in Montgomery is "upset" about a recent Bud Light promotion involving Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender social media influencer. 

Steve Tatum, general manager of Bama Budweiser in Montgomery, said in a commercial running on local radio airwaves this week, "There's been a lot of discussion, frustration and even anger across the country regarding just one single can made of Bud Light that was produced for a social media influencer." 

"We too at Bama Budweiser are upset about it and have made our feelings known to the top leadership at Anheuser-Busch," Tatum said. "The voice of the consumer has been heard, and Anheuser-Busch has taken action. We at Bama Budweiser, an independent wholesaler, employ around 100 people who live here, work here, and our children go to school here." 

Tatum added, "We do not, and as I said before, did not support this issue involving Dylan Mulvaney."

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"There was one single can made. It was not for sale and was not properly approved. As a result, the Bud Light brand has new leadership. Dylan Mulvaney is not under contract with Bud Light," Tatum said. "The videos you may have seen are Mulvaney's own social media posts that went viral and many web-based news outlets have distorted the story. You deserve to know the truth and life is too short to let a couple of individuals decide what you can eat or drink or spend your hard-earned money on."

According to Fox News, Bud Light sales are down 23.6% in the first week of May as backlash continues into the fifth week due to fallout from the Mulvaney promotion. 

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