While Montgomery City Hall has been prominently flying bright, colorful flags to celebrate Pride Month, the city, state and U.S. flags have been conspicuously missing recently.

During the month of June, cities across the globe display pride flags and other related insignia to show support for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has publicly voiced his support for Pride Month, saying, “In building A New Montgomery, we're creating a more inclusive city -- one that prioritizes the needs of all communities, including our LGBTQ+ friends, loved ones and neighbors.”

In line with that initiative, the downtown area of Montgomery has been adorned with pride flags along the city streets, including by City Hall.

The front of the City Hall has two flag poles to display the city, state and national flags. On Monday, the poles stood bare, surrounded by a sea of waving pride flags posted on street lamp polls.

Montgomery City Hall pride flags 2 Alabama News
A pride flag stands in front of the three empty flagpoles where the city, state and national flags should be. Photo: Craig Monger.

The three government flags were flown across the street, however, in the city-owned Lister Hill Plaza, albeit in various states of disrepair.

Lister Hill Alabama News
The Alabama State flag flying in the Lister Hill Plaza, across from City Hall. Photo: Craig Monger.

When asked about why the three flags were excluded from City Hall while the gay pride flag was on display, a spokesman for the city told 1819 News, "The City of Montgomery raises and lowers the American flag, the State of Alabama flag and the City of Montgomery flag every day at City Hall, and every City facility flies the American flag and the City flag every day."

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