If you’re looking for a job, it’s likely you can find openings online.

The Alabama Department of Labor reports online job ads were up 23.1% in July, from the same time last year. However, the ads were down 6.8% from June.

The Labor Market Information Division (LMI) reported the yearly comparison of online job ads was 108,608 from July 2021.

Most ads were for careers for Registered Nurses, retail sales, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, supervisors of retail sales and sales reps and wholesale manufacturing. A fourth of the ads had salaries of $75,000 and more.

The top employers posting for jobs were Huntsville Hospital and UAB Health System. Walmart and Regions were also top posters.

Numbers of online job ads come from job websites, traditional job boards, corporate boards and social media.

Just last week, Gov. Kay Ivey announced that unemployment has dropped to 2.6%. Although the number looks good on paper, State Rep. Danny Garrett (R-Trussville), told Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show" that there could be other factors in play, that do not include people getting back to work.

"I don't totally understand what happened, but I think part of what happened was when the pandemic hit and businesses shut down, and the economy came to a halt," Garrett said. "And the government assistance came pouring in. A lot of 'boomers,' which I am one, just have left the workforce and have not gone back and are not going back. That ultimately, I think, was going to happen naturally, but it would have happened over a progression as opposed to just happening overnight. So, that's part of it. Then I think there are a lot of people who are still receiving this federal assistance in a number of ways."

Read more on what Garrett said and what he thinks should be done to fix the problem here.

Inflation and the Employee

Online job ads have been increasing since last year when numerous businesses suffered from a shrinking workforce. Many employers have been facing challenges due to inflation and supply chain issues since 2021.

The annual U.S. inflation rate was at 8.5% in July and wage raises have been decreasing. Hourly wage increases have decreased .1% year over year and salary growth has increased by an average of 4.8%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Some employers have been able to increase wages based on inflation, to assist workers. HRExecutives.com reported that 63% of organizations are striving to pay employees more to make up the difference.

Other things employers can do is allow remote work, avoid increasing employees’ portion of healthcare premiums, invest in employee perks, such as gift cards and student loan assistance, and ensure employees know of financial benefits they are eligible for.

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