Despite some last-minute scheduling drama and a large crowd of protesters, Emily Jones with the Madison County Moms for Liberty said the reading event in Madison on Saturday could not have gone any better.

"It went absolutely perfect. God showed out today," Jones told 1819 News.

The day started off more chaotic as parents and kids anxious to attend the "See You at the Library" event started to gather outside the Madison Public Library hours before it began. Joining them, Jones said, were a large group of protesters.

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Kirk Cameron reads to children at the Madison Public Library. (Photo courtesy of Emily Jones)

"It was just being thrown in the fire because that many people were already there before 9 o'clock," Jones said.

Once the event started, it took just 10 minutes to reach the maximum capacity limit of 225 people. The rest were directed to The Rock church nearby to play games, read and wait for Kirk Cameron and Riley Gaines, the event's featured guests, to stop by.

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Kirk Cameron and Riley Gaines speak to a crowd over over 300 people at The Rock church. (Photo courtesy of Emily Jones).

Jones said they had over 500 people show up between the church and the library for the event. That's not counting protesters, which she said she tried to block from her mind.

"There were rumors of eggs being thrown and just very obscene comments being made," Jones said. "Despite it all, the police were awesome. They were everywhere keeping everybody safe."

Jones said the positive response from the attendees was overwhelming, and many thanked her and her group for not backing down when the library tried to cancel the event.

"It was an awesome event. We had a huge turnout," Jones said. "I cannot even tell you how many people came up to me or my board or our volunteers and thanked us and said 'thank you for every you're doing. thank you for standing firm. Thank you for fighting back.'"

She continued, "Multiple people came up to me and said 'I am shocked. I cannot believe in Huntsville, Alabama that this is happening, that this is how our government is working. And I laughed and said, 'Yes and that's why God chose here.' Because he knew it would take this to wake up our community to what is truly happening in our society."

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