Patriots First Alabama announced its slate of endorsements for State Republican Executive Committee recently. Patriots First Alabama supports Donald Trump’s America First agenda and seeks to elect officeholders as well as Alabama Republican Party leadership which shares their vision for both Alabama and America.

The stated mission statement of Patriots First Alabama is to “Bring like-minded patriots together for the purpose of pursuing change in our state by electing America First candidates. Our mission is to make sure our constitutional rights are upheld in the state of Alabama by working with other like-minded patriots who will faithfully serve on the Alabama Republican Executive Committee, to stand firm and fight for our God-given rights written in our constitution by our founding fathers. Our constitutional rights.”

Republican primary voters will decide a number of contested Republican Executive Committee races across the state.. Endorsed Alabama Republican Executive Committee slots include:

  • ·         Suzelle Josey - Autauga County Place 2

  • ·         Jack Green – Baldwin County Place 5

  • ·         Jason Slye – Baldwin County Place 7

  • ·         Cathy Bradford – Cullman County Place 2

  • ·         Sheila Haynes – Cullman County Place 4

  • ·         Debbie William – Elmore County Place 3

  • ·         Ken Bolcar – Jefferson County District 4 Place 1

  • ·         Walt Kozak – Jefferson County District 3 Place 5

  • ·         Tyler Thrasher – Jefferson County District 5 Place 2

  • ·          Kristin Martenson Williams Jefferson County District 5 Place 4

  • ·         Debbie Parks - Lee County District 13 Place 7

  • ·         Angela Shepherd – Lee County Place 6

  • ·         Chris Kennedy Madison County Place 1

  • ·         Cynthia "Cyd" Watts - Marshall County Place 2

  • ·         Lane Buckelew - Marshall County Place 3

  • ·         Janet Rich Pitman - Mobile County Place 6

  • ·         Trey Garner - Montgomery County Place 9

  • ·         Jesse C. Hockett - Morgan County Place 4

  • ·         Martha H Stokes - Pickens County Place 1

  • ·         Brian Boatman - Shelby County Place 7

  • ·         Ty Coffey - Shelby County Place 8

  • ·         Ashley Tortorigi Hilburn – St. Clair County Place 2

  • ·         Jeana Boggs - Tallapoosa County Place 2

Angela Shepherd and Ashley Hilburn are the co-chairs of Patriots First Alabama.

1819 News recently spoke to Shepherd and Hilburn after the release of their endorsements in Republican Executive Committee races.

“We are opposed to Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools,” said Shepherd. “We oppose Common Core and SEL (Social Emotional Learning).”

Shepherd said that they also were for election integrity and getting rid of the ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) system as well as the sale of the voter list.

“We don’t want all of that out there for sale,” Shepherd said.

Hilburn said that the group is going to next release their endorsements for statewide and legislative seats.

“We are trying to schedule appointments with candidates now,” Hilburn said.

Hilburn said that they were looking to pass conservative resolutions on the executive committee.

“We are going to work together with like-minded individuals and groups,” Hilburn said.

Hilburn said that they are in favor of regular election audits and opposed the use of voting machines that were internet-capable.

Former Trump Victory Chair and former State Rep. Perry O. Hooper Jr. is the Honorary Chairman of Patriots First Alabama.

“We believe God should be put back into every aspect of our government, especially our schools,” Patriots First Alabama wrote. “Banning CRT and Social-Emotional Learning type curriculums in our public schools and replacing it with a curriculum like the 1776 curriculum President Donald J. Trump released right before he left office in 2020.  We will fight for our First Amendment right to free speech and that includes being censored by big tech.  We will fight for our children’s rights to not be mandated to wear masks in school. We will be vigilant in making sure our Second Amendment right to bear arms is not infringed upon. We will fight for our right to hold free and fair elections to make sure Alabama does not become a cesspool for voter fraud.”

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