Former Vice President and current 2024 presidential candidate Mike Pence gave his support for locating the permanent U.S. Space Command (SPACECOM) headquarters in Alabama.

Pence was visiting the Rocket City last week to speak at the Gridiron Men's Conference at the Von Braun Center when asked by WAAY about his thoughts on the ongoing debate around SPACECOM.

"Having Space Command here in a community that, for generations, has been synonymous with space innovation and supported all of our efforts, not only in civilian space exploration but also in supporting all of the technology that supports our national defense — there's only one place it should be and that's right here in the hub of the American space program, Huntsville, Alabama," Pence said.

Alabama legislators, both at the state and federal levels, have been pressuring the Biden administration to quit stalling and pick Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, which has repeatedly ranked as the top choice, for SPACECOM's permanent headquarters over its temporary location in Colorado.

President Joe Biden has been accused of playing politics by trying to reverse the Trump-era decision to move the headquarters to Alabama.

During his visit to Huntsville, Pence also acknowledged his support to U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) and his hold on military promotions over the Department of Defense's abortion policy.

"Well I fully support Senator Tuberville's strong stand," Pence told WHNT. "He's been a strong conservative voice from the time he arrived in the United States Senate. And look, one of the ways the Senate exercises its authority is by approving personnel and making sure we are pursuing the right policies. That we are focused on assuring a strong national defense is absolutely essential, so I applaud the stand he has taken. I think the people of Alabama should be very proud of Senator Tuberville."

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