Perry County Commission chairman Albert Turner, Jr. plans to file a formal complaint with the Alabama State Bar next week against former Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Michael Jackson.

The Alabama Attorney General's Office dropped ballot fraud charges against Turner Thursday. The indictment was announced for one count of felony absentee voter fraud and one count of misdemeanor voter fraud at a press conference by former Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill and former Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Michael Jackson in January during their last days in office. 

Jackson stated at the press conference in January announcing the indictment that he had "heard the cry from the citizens and the people running for office to clean up the elections in the Black Belt." Turner denied the allegations.

The Alabama Attorney General’s Office was prosecuting the case at the request of the Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney Robert Turner, Jr. in February to “avoid any appearance of impropriety” due to him being the cousin of Albert. Robert Turner, Jr. defeated Jackson with 54% of the vote in the May primary last year.

Albert Turner said on social media on Friday his bar complaint would allege Jackson violated his oath to the state bar, misled a Perry County grand jury to “participate in a conspiracy to attack the credibility of a public official maliciously,” and reported the findings of a secret grand jury “before proper notification to the alleged defendant.”

Turner said he plans to file the complaint on Wednesday.

“Mike is a menace to the judicial system and must be disbarred and prevented from ever standing before the bench,” Turner said on Friday. “Simply put, Michael Jackson is a disgrace to the legal profession.”

Albert Turner also said on Thursday he plans to file a civil lawsuit against Jackson and Merrill.

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