A recent poll asked Americans about their favorite leftover dish after Thanksgiving. Among Alabamians, the most popular dish was stuffing.

BetOhio asked 3,000 Americans several questions about Thanksgiving dinner and broke down the responses state by state. According to the results, over half of all Alabamians surveyed selected stuffing as their favorite leftover dish.

Of course, Southerners might know the winner by a different name: dressing. According to Dictionary.com, the word “dressing” replaced “stuffing” in some parts of the United States during the Victorian era because the word “stuffing” was deemed too crude. 

Stuffing is a mixture often of herbs and starch and sometimes meat and vegetables. Traditionally, stuffing is prepared inside the turkey, but many prepare the dish separately.

Some suggest the dish is appropriately called “dressing” when it wasn’t cooked inside the bird, but the words are still generally used interchangeably.

Respondents asked about their favorite leftover dish were asked to select all that apply. Options were: stuffing, honey-glazed ham, mashed potatoes, roast turkey, deviled eggs, rolls or bread, sweet potato, pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie yams, casserole dishes, green beans, gravy, cranberry sauce, grilled vegetables, turnips, corn, brussels sprouts, and other.

Of all the respondents from Alabama, 54% selected stuffing, 52% honey-glazed ham and 50% mashed potatoes. Only 8% selected Brussels sprouts, 13% corn and 17% turnips and grilled vegetables.

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