House Pro-Tempore Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) said on Friday he had dropped holds he had placed on 21 transportation contracts on Thursday. 

At a Contract Review Committee meeting, Pringle complained about not getting requested information about years-old canceled projects and called Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) director John Cooper a "tyrant." He placed a hold on 21 transportation contracts before the committee on Thursday.

Pringle said during a Contract Review Committee meeting he was placing an up to 45-day hold on every ALDOT contract over an unanswered letter he sent to Cooper regarding projects Cooper canceled during the Gov. Robert Bentley administration.

Pringle told 1819 News on Friday he had already released the hold on the contracts because he received a response from ALDOT.

"To be truthful it contained a lot more information than I thought it would so thank you," Pringle said.

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