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Alabama inmates ADOC Alabama News
House Pro Tem Pringle calls for action to protect inmates: ‘The gangs are running our prisons’

Violence between inmates remains a major problem in Alabama Department of Corrections prisons across the state.

SCOTUS Alabama News
Alabama gets lifeline from SCOTUS in South Carolina redistricting ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of South Carolina in a redistricting lawsuit similar to the one Alabama is currently litigating.

Chris Pringle Alabama News
House Pro Tem Pringle proposes bill to prohibit licensing boards from paying employees to keep silent on illegal, unethical activity

House Pro Tempore Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) is looking to clean up Alabama's licensing boards with a pre-filed bill prohibiting boards and state agencies from paying off employees not to report wrongdoing.

Jerry Carl Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Carl endorsed by 15 state lawmakers in reelection bid

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) recently received endorsements from 15 Alabama lawmakers as the 2024 election ekes closer.

Redistricting10 Alabama News
House passes Pro-Tem Pringle’s redistricting map

Members of the Alabama House passed a redistricting plan sponsored by House Pro-Tem Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) on Wednesday.

Fentanyl, drugs Alabama News
Fentanyl manslaughter law mistake won’t be addressed until 2024

A bill passed last session to allow prosecutors to charge fentanyl distributors with felony manslaughter in connection to overdose deaths won’t be brought up in an upcoming special session, according to the bill’s sponsor.

AL State House Lon Worley Alabama News
Legislative redistricting hearings begin today

State legislators will begin a series of meetings on Tuesday to decide how to comply with a court order requiring redrawn congressional districts in Alabama.

SCOTUS Alabama News
SCOTUS ruling ‘kind of a surprise,’ former State Sen. Jim McClendon says

A Supreme Court of the United States ruling dealing with redistricting that was decided against the state of Alabama is “not a done deal yet” but was a surprise, according to former Reapportionment Committee Chair State Sen. Jim McClendon (R-Springville).

Mary Moore Alabama News
Drama on the House floor: State Rep. Moore blasts Pro-Tem Pringle for comments about Rep. Givan's conduct

State Rep. Mary Moore (D-Birmingham) took a moment of personal privilege Tuesday to lambast Speaker Pro-Tem Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) for comments he made about State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) and her behavior on the House floor.

Chris Pringle Alabama News
House Pro-Tem Pringle on Givan's racist Jay-Z tirade: 'Some days, her medication is not quite working'

Alabama House Speaker Pro-Tempore Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) says State Rep. Juandalynn Givan's (D-Birmingham) comments in which she referred to a black Republican lawmaker as an “N-word” went immediately unnoticed because members "just don't really listen" when she speaks.

AL Dept of Transportation Google Maps Alabama News
Pringle ends hold on 21 ALDOT contracts

House Pro-Tempore Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) said on Friday he’d dropped holds he’d placed on 21 transportation contracts on Thursday. 

Pringle Alabama News
House Pro-Tem Pringle: ALDOT director John Cooper is a ‘tyrant’

State Rep. Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) called Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) Director John Cooper a ‘tyrant’ and placed a hold on 21 transportation contracts on Thursday.

Statehouse Alabama News
House passes legislation to allow manslaughter charges for those who sell or supply a controlled substance that takes the life of user

The Alabama House of Representatives has approved a bill that would allow a person to be charged with manslaughter if they provide an individual drugs that leads to their death.

State Capitol Alabama News
Study group to look for ‘efficiency’ in state government

A study group made up of elected officials and state employees will soon begin to look for ways to “improve efficiency and streamline operations” in the executive branch of state government.

Alabama flag money Alabama News
Justin Bogie: Is this what fiscal conservatism looks like?

The basic argument made by Rep. Pringle is that Alabama and the national economy will soon be in a steep decline. Because of this, the inference is that it would be fiscally irresponsible to provide permanent tax cuts to Alabamians.

Alabama House of Representatives 4 Alabama News
House Republican Caucus taps Scott Stadthagen, Chris Pringle for leadership positions

The Republican Caucus of the Alabama House of Representatives has selected Rep. Scott Stadthagen (R-Hartselle) as the next Leader of the Caucus and Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) as the House President Pro Tempore.

Pringle Alabama News
State Rep. Pringle looks to ban taxpayer-funded non-disclosure agreements

State Rep. Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) said Thursday he’s planning to file legislation to ban non-disclosure agreements involving taxpayer dollars.

Fentanyl Photo by Michael Longmire Alabama News
State Rep. Pringle to introduce manslaughter for lethal drug dealers bill again in 2023

Should dealers in Alabama who sell narcotic drugs that result in someone's death be charged with manslaughter?

Pringle Alabama News
State Rep. Pringle dismisses 'campaign rhetoric' on merging State Auditor, Examiner of Public Accounts

State Rep. Chris Pringle (R-Mobile), chairman of the House State Government Committee and a member of the Examiner of Public Accounts joint oversight committee, dismisses the possibility of merging State Auditor and Examiner of Public Accounts duties.

File 47fcb8ff 4b60 40bc b824 914d023b0279 Alabama News
Conflicts arise after 'huge black eye' redistricting process in Alabama

By Amanda E.H. Pritchard The recent redistricting has caused conflict amongst some constituents in areas of Alabama. Every 10 years,...

File 526a356a ab14 4fa8 9675 4cc2691070c1 Alabama News
Legislature passes redistricting bills

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama legislature passed all four of the redistricting bills as well as the bill for supplemental appropriation...

File 7e954a9c 8828 43d0 af8c 19e07711fe78 Alabama News
Legislature could wrap up redistricting Wednesday

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama special session tasked primarily with redistricting could be finished as early as Wednesday after committees...

File cc616d26 7428 491c 956b 056fdf7e4c9e Alabama News
Alabama House passes congressional redistricting plan

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama House of Representatives passed the Congressional redistricting plan on Monday. Several alternative...

File 91109c11 d16f 438b b77d fa8feb5444e8 Alabama News
Alabama House has passed redistricting plan for itself

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama House of Representatives passed a redistricting plan for its own redistricting Monday. House Bill 1...

File a2af9c40 d7d6 4b84 99a8 4e2a8dd0b23c Alabama News
Redistricting bills sail through committees; special session could wrap Wednesday

By Brandon Moseley All four constitutionally mandated redistricting bills were approved by committees on Friday and appear poised for...

File 4662a43b 9926 499c b29e 67e3a4f40673 Alabama News
Committee approves Congressional redistricting plan

By Brandon Moseley The Alabama Legislative Committee on Reapportionment approved on Tuesday the proposed redistricting of Alabama’s...