Alabama Public Service Commissioner Chris "Chip" Beeker is the latest public official to speak out against Alabama Power's pump storage project on Chandler Mountain.

Beeker issued a public statement Monday shortly after Commission president Twinkle Cavanaugh voiced her opposition to the project.

"I will stand against the Chandler Mountain project on behalf of the people who elected me to this position who could potentially be impacted negatively," Beeker said.

Alabama Power has proposed constructing two lake reservoirs and five dams on Chandler Mountain in St. Clair County for a pump storage facility. Like Cavanaugh, Beeker is concerned with the project's decade-long timeline, high price tag and impact on the residents who would lose their homes.

"It is not in the best interest of the citizens of that area, and it is expected to take more than a decade to complete at an enormous cost," Beeker continued. "I've voiced my concern to the appropriate officials at Alabama Power, and they fully understand my opposition. We need to be seeking alternative solutions that meet the needs of Alabamians today.

"I was elected by the people in this state to protect our resources and make sure our citizens are provided reliable, sustainable and affordable energy. This is a project that goes against my beliefs, and it is my job in my elected capacity to stand in the gap for the residents of the proposed impacted counties."

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