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Coal Ash Photo EPA Alabama News
EPA takes final action, denies Alabama’s coal ash permit program; Alabama Power reviewing ruling

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruled the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) may not operate a coal ash permitting program because it is less protective of people and waterways than federal regulations require.

Winter weather power bill Alabama News
Sticker shock: Residents across Alabama concerned after extreme power bill increases

Many power customers in Alabama are experiencing high power bills with some more than doubling in January.

Plant Barry coal ash pond Alabama News
Alabama Power to recycle 700,000 tons of coal ash at the Barry Steam Plant for company to make 'green cement'

Alabama Power has entered into an agreement with an environmental company to have coal ash removed and recycled from Plant Barry in Mobile.

Plant Barry coal ash pond Alabama News
Federal judge dismisses Mobile Baykeeper lawsuit against Alabama Power

A federal lawsuit filed by the Mobile Baykeeper against Alabama Power has been dismissed without prejudice. The lawsuit claimed the power company’s plan to leave 21 million tons of coal ash at a plant north of Mobile would allow pollutants to seep into public waters. 

Plant Barry coal ash pond Alabama News
Alabama Power to discuss coal ash process at Mobile County plant

Alabama Power has agreed to have conversations with representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency concerning what to do about coal ash at the James Barry Plant in Bucks.

Plant Barry coal ash pond Alabama News
Does Alabama Power have enough 'power' to cover up toxic coal ash ponds?

A federal fight over coal ash contamination has environmental groups raising concerns over toxic materials coming from Alabama Power plants ending up in the ground and waterways.

Clay Ryan Alabama News
Alabama Power taps Clay Ryan as VP of external affairs

Clay Ryan, the former vice chancellor of external affairs for the University of Alabama System, was recently named senior vice president of external affairs for Alabama Power, following the retirement of Zeke Smith.

Karen jensen Alabama News
Former Wilsonville Mayor McCarty on EPA denying coal ash ponds: ‘We need Big Brother to step in here’

The Environmental Protection Agency hosted a public hearing in Montgomery on Wednesday on a proposed denial of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s coal ash pond permit plan.

Photo from Kevin Forsyth Alabama News
Lay Lake property owners blame Alabama Power for flooding, roadway problems: 'It looks like a warzone'

Some property owners near Lay Lake are coming together after they claim Alabama Power has caused flooding, environmental damage, road damage and more around their neighborhood.

Chandler Mnt canceled Alabama News
Alabama Power cancels Chandler Mountain project after massive public pushback — 'Sometimes David does beat Goliath'

After facing significant public pushback, Alabama Power has canceled its proposed pump storage project on Chandler Mountain in St. Clair County.

alabama power rainbow city meeting Alabama News
Residents near Chandler Mountain feel they’re ‘being held hostage by Alabama Power’

Not long after Alabama Power announced plans to build a new hydroelectric facility on Chandler Mountain, residents nearby became concerned. Fran Summerlin led the charge by creating Save Chandler Mountain, an organization with around 3,500 participants calling on the project to be stopped.

APCO Attalla Alabama News
PSC Beeker joins Cavanaugh to oppose Alabama Power's Chandler Mtn project: 'We need to be seeking alternative solutions'

Alabama Public Service Commissioner Chris "Chip" Beeker is the latest public official to speak out against Alabama Power’s pump storage project on Chandler Mountain.

Twinkle Cavanaugh Alabama News
PSC's Cavanaugh opposes Alabama Power Chandler Mtn project: Out-of-state liberals trying to 'hijack' energy policy

On Monday, Alabama Public Service Commission president Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh publicly denounced Alabama Power’s plans to build a pump storage facility on Chandler Mountain in St. Clair County.

Craig Lipscomb v Chandler Mnt AP project Alabama News
State Rep. Lipscomb stands with residents that would lose their homes to Alabama Power pump storage project — 'None of this makes sense'

State Rep. Craig Lipscomb (R-Gadsden) is standing with his constituents who are fighting against a proposed Alabama Power project that would force many of them from their homes and livelihoods.

Photo from Miles College Alabama News
Alabama Power appoints affirmative action advocate Miles College president Bobbie Knight to board of directors

Miles College president Bobbie Knight, an outspoken critic of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling against affirmative action admissions programs in public universities, will now sit on the board of directors for the oldest and largest utility in the state.

Peeples Alabama Power Alabama News
Alabama Power faces backlash over proposed pumped storage project in St. Clair County — 'Where is your humanity?'

Residents of Steele, Alabama, and the surrounding area gathered at the Rainbow City Community Center Monday night to voice their concerns and strong opposition to a proposed plan by Alabama Power to construct a new hydroelectric facility on Chaldner Mountain in St. Clair County.

Electric power plant Alabama News
Electricity costs up 10% for Alabamians in 2023

Electricity costs for residential customers in Alabama are up about 10% this year, according to data released last week by the federal government. 

Alabama Power Alabama News
Report: Alabama Power executives hire private investigator to spy on parent company CEO

A private investigator was hired to spy on Tom Fanning, Southern Company CEO, in 2017 allegedly at the request of Alabama Power executives, according to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal.

Airbus Pride Alabama News
Some Alabama companies backing down from celebrating Pride Month while others continue to show support

Despite the negative financial impact Bud Light and Target have experienced supporting the transgender community, some Alabama businesses are continuing to celebrate Pride publicly.

Troy University Alabama News
FIRE urges Troy to address leaked emails from trustees attempting to redirect research at free market think tank at the behest of Alabama Power, BCA

The Foundation of Individual Rights and Expression addressed a letter last week to Troy University Chancellor Jack Hawkins urging him to address leaked emails in which he and Troy trustees discuss vetting research topics at a free-market think tank due to complaints from Alabama Power and the Business Council of Alabama.

DEI blocks Alabama News
Alabama Power’s parent company Southern Co. employees’ DEI training rate was 81% in ‘22, CEO says

About 81% of Southern Company employees participated in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training in 2022, according to a letter to stockholders sent by outgoing Southern Company CEO and Chairman Thomas Fanning on Friday.

Stantis331 Alabama News
Leaked emails: Troy trustees plotted to censor free-market think tank for criticizing state government's economic incentives after Alabama Power, BCA complaints

A leaked email conversation between several trustees at Troy University shows prominent individuals in the state discussing how to “vet topics” at a university-affiliated think tank for being critical of economic incentive programs due to complaints from Alabama Power and the Business Council of Alabama (BCA). 

APCO Matrix Alabama News
Contract shows Alabama Power paid Matrix $124,000 a month for political consulting services — Tasked with maintaining ‘ongoing direct relations’ with AEA, AFL-CIO

In 2018, Alabama power signed a contract with Matrix LLC in which it agreed to pay the political consulting firm $124,000 per month for their services, including “external relations” with controversial groups like the Alabama Education Association.

Twinkle Cavanaugh Responses Resize 1700x956 Alabama News
Twinkle Cavanaugh announces Alabama PSC president re-election bid

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh announced Monday that she will seek re-election as President of the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC). 

Alabama Power Alabama News
Alabama Public Service Commission: Alabama Power refunds will average $23 per residential customer this fall

Last week, the Alabama Public Service Commission (APSC) ruled that year-end financial results for the Alabama Power Company exceeded the rate of return range in 2022 by $62 million and ordered the utility to plan on issuing refunds to customers in August 2023. Now, the APSC predicts that the refunds will only amount to $23 for the average residential customer.

Alabama Power truck Alabama News
Alabama Power exceeds allowed rate of return range, refunding over $62 million next fall

Alabama Power customers might be due for a refund next fall. On Tuesday, the Alabama Public Service Commission (APSC) ruled that year-end financial results for the Alabama Power Company exceeded the rate of return range in 2022 by $62 million.

Krysten Caddel Alabama News
NPR report finds Matrix paid ABC News reporter to use credentials to give unfavorable coverage to Florida foes

Less than a week after NPR claimed to discover financial connections between a consulting firm representing two Southern power companies and several statewide media outlets, a further report claims there are ties between the same firm and a reporter with ABC News.

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