Our readers react to recent stories or current events:

1819 News’ CEO Bryan Dawson’s column on Let the countdown to compromise begin struck a chord with many readers.

Brinda Hill of Decatur says:  

"The most insightful article I have read so far! Excellent!! Everything Bryan Dawson says, I feel in my heart is true. As other Conservatives, I have been kicked in the gut so many, many times by our 'conservative' lawmakers. Unfortunately, Montgomery is still run by 'the good old boy Democrats,/ except for the last few decades, they have an R after their name. I’m not ready to quit fighting, but it is so hard trying to figure out who to vote for. There are so many lies!! I plan on reading more of 1819 for the real truth. And a side note, high 'steppah' Kay Ivey with a gun should be an embarrassment to every Alabamian. Takes us back to Big Jim Folsom days. Thank you, Thank you, Bryan Dawson!"

And Mike O’Steen of Florence adds:

"The political bait and switch you describe has been ongoing for decades, particularly at the federal level.

I believe the electorate is awakening.

We need folks like you to expose these self-serving liars at every turn, and now, before the primary is a good time.

Don’t let up."

JS appreciated the Sean of the South (Sean Dietrich) column on “The Hugger:”

"Sean, I read your words this morning re: The Hugger and have to tell you just how much they touched my heart! Every single day I search for 'good' news and uplifting stories. We are all under siege on a daily basis with all the negative and bad things that are happening all over the world! … Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with all your readers!"

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