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Bach, who describes herself as “new to town but can’t wait to be an Alabamian!” read Erica Thomas’ story on Alabama mom texts deceased son, receives miraculous response, and responded:

“What a wonderful story about love, loss, hope, faith and divine intervention.  I just finished reading this story, and my eyes just welled up with tears of joy.  Having gone through all that the past year, this story just hits home and deep in the core.  We all need to hear more uplifting stories of hope and healing like this. 

I am new to this newsgroup, but I love the character and heart of this group already.  I’ve also written Mr. (Will) Blakely not too long ago to ask about schools, and he went out of his way to share articles and insights regarding Alabama.  That was so helpful.  Overall, I appreciate the candid, positive and honest journalism at 1819 News. The ability to report and speak truth and life without being divisive while keeping readers informed. Kudos to the author of this wonderful story.  Great job on reporting and writing in a way that brings hope and light into a painful situation.“

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