Whether you are a serious collector of vinyl or CDs from popular music past or just a browser to see the records, you remember Gardendale is the "place you oughta be" on March 1-2.

Those are the dates of the 43rd annual Record and CD Show by the Alabama Record Collectors Association.

Early bird entrance starts Friday, March 1, at 10 a.m. and runs through 1 p.m.; admission is $10. After 1 p.m. and through Saturday at 5 p.m., admission is $5.

Admission table is cash only, so remember that. There is an ATM located in the lobby of the Gardendale Civic Center, which is hosting the event. In addition, you may get better deals if you have cash for the vendors.

A.R.C.A.s 43rd Annual Record and CD Show Tickets, Gardendale Civic Center,  857 Main Street, Gardendale, AL, USA, March 1 2024 | AllEvents.in

The official description of the show:

A.R.C.A.’s Show is Alabama’s original and best music extravaganza featuring thousands upon thousands of records and CDs brought to Birmingham by dealers from all over the U.S. There will be music from the 1940’s through 2024 – from rock, blues, pop, rhythm & blues, soul, and doo-wop, to country, new wave, alternative, punk, rap, classical, jazz and big band.

Many out-of-print items can be found at this show. There will be music for anyone and everyone — from 50-cent bargains to more expensive collectibles. Several interesting and unique memorabilia items related to recording artists and music may also be available, including photographs, buttons, posters, back-stage passes, etc.

This show is sponsored by Alabama Record Collectors Association. A.R.C.A. is Alabama’s original organization for music collectors, founded in 1980 as a non-profit association dedicated to the memory and preservation of recorded music. A.R.C.A. organized Alabama’s very first Record Show in 1982.

We will have over 100 tables.  Over 60 dealers from across the U.S. will have tens of thousands of LPs, 45s, CDs, and other memorabilia.

“My record collection probably tells the story of my life better than I could in words.” - Colleen Murphy ( Canadian screenwriter, film director and playwright)

Jim Zeigler is a former Alabama Public Service Commissioner and State Auditor. You can reach him for comments at ZeiglerElderCare@yahoo.com

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