Alabama Power has announced that customers can expect to see an increase in energy costs in the month of August.

Alabama said that the typical residential customer bill is expected to increase by $6 monthly. The company said it had gone to great lengths to prevent the increase from being higher by using diverse methods of energy production.

“Using diverse fuel types and sources has helped dampen the increase – which is lower than the current rate of inflation,” Alabama Power said in a statement. “We do not make any money from fuel expenses, and remain committed to providing the low-cost, dependable service customers have come to expect.”

Alabama produces the majority of its energy through coal (43%), with oil and gas (25%) just beating out nuclear (24%). Another 8% comes from hydro.

Alabama Power also announced that customers could expect a one-time $19 deduction on their July statements, due to lower than forecasted storm-recovery costs last year.

Alabama Power said they’ll continue to help people struggling to pay their bills by:

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