Wednesday, Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey of the "Rick & Bubba Show" railed against the Biden administration's decision to make Colorado the permanent home of U.S. Space Command over Huntsville.

"Rick & Bubba" aired a clip of National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications John Kirby on CNN claiming the decision was based on "one thing and one thing only" — operational readiness.

The hosts cited studies showing Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal was the best place for the Space Command Headquarters, and Bussey said it "sounds like it was a stacked deck to start with."

"They had planned on stealing this from day one," Bussey said.

"They could have done 12 studies. Biden was going to put it in Colorado because its a blue state; because he's wanted to reward blue states and punish red states," he continued. "The top three locations were all red states ... Alabama, Texas, Nebraska. ... They just plowed through those down to the fourth pick."

Burgess pointed to Kirby's CNN interview and said it was a message to Alabamians that they "better get Tommy Tuberville in line" over his hold on military promotions to combat a U.S. Department of Defense policy that financially facilitates abortions.

"Don't miss that other message that they just sent in that interview," Burgess outlined. "What they're trying to say to you, Alabama, is you better get Tommy Tuberville in line. See, they want you to think it's possible that they punished Alabama because of Tuberville, and they're trying to say, 'See, if you don't go along with what we want to do, and y'all stop all this; y'all don't want tax-funded abortions and all that; you have senators that stand up against us, well, it's going to cost your state.'"

"Now, that's not what happened because of everything you just said, but they want to sprinkle that out there," he added.

Bussey agreed, adding, "They would like to put it where they want to, reward the people they want to reward and also try to imply that Tommy Tuberville caused this although we're not going to say that, so you get rid of him. So, we undercut Tuberville, we reward our buddies, we did what we were gonna do anyway, and then we claim it was all a fair process. It's really just a joke."

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