Businessman Robert Lane McCollum announced on Tuesday that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for president of the Public Service Commission in 2024. 

McCollum will be challenging incumbent Twinkle Cavanaugh in the race. Previously, McCollum had been a candidate for Tallapoosa County Probate Judge. 

"I have decided to leave the race for Tallapoosa County Probate Judge, and instead challenge Twinkle Cavanaugh for President of the Alabama PSC," McCollum said in a statement. "A conservative state like Alabama cannot stand four more years of swamp creatures like Twinkle raising their utility bills year after year. Alabamians want a PSC President that looks out for them and not the special interests. Twinkle isn't that person." 

In 2022, McCollum previously challenged incumbent Chip Beeker for Place 2 on the Alabama Public Service Commission and qualified for the Republican run-off election before being defeated by Beeker by a margin of 63 to 37. He is a private business owner in Dadeville.

"I learned in 2022 that people getting rich on the backs of hard-working Alabamians will stop at nothing to keep a conservative political outsider off of the PSC, "McCollum said. "Twinkle never saw a light bill she didn't want to raise, and that stops now. Tallapoosa County will be in excellent hands with Judge Talmadge East, but Alabama can't take anymore." 

The upcoming Alabama Republican Primary will be held on March 5, 2024. As of now, McCollum and Cavanaugh are the only announced Republican candidates.

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