The threat of severe weather may have kept some voters from turning out for Tuesday's special GOP primary election for House District 27, but candidates Jeana Ross and Alan Miller said they were pleased with the support they received, which was enough to advance them to a runoff.

Ross earned 1,404 votes, or 39.23%, on Tuesday, and Miller received 737, or 20.59%, according to the Alabama Secretary of State's unofficial results. A total of 3,583 ballots were cast out of 38,739 registered voters, bringing the turnout rate to 9.25%.

"Tonight [Tuesday] was a great night. We are very grateful to the voters and extremely happy about our turnout," Ross told 1819 News. "I look forward to getting our conservative message out to Marshall County over the next four weeks."

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Ross has been endorsed by Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth and the Business Council of Alabama's political affiliate, ProgressPAC.

Miller echoed Ross's sentiments and emphasized his "common sense" approach to politics.

"I am overjoyed by the support shown to me tonight. When I first entered this race, my message was one of common sense," he said in a statement. "Holding steadfast to our fiscal conservative values, having transparent government, and being accountable to the people here in the District, not Montgomery. I'm so thankful our message has resonated with many of you and allowed us to make the runoff."

Miller also congratulated the other candidates in the race, saying, "I want to congratulate all the candidates in this race for running strong campaigns on their values, and I especially want to congratulate Jeana Ross on making the runoff."

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl praised both candidates for making it to the next step in the primary process. The top two will go head-to-head on April 30 with no Democrat opponent to defeat in the general election.

"It was amazing to have so many outstanding individuals who wanted to serve our Party and represent the people of Marshall County," Wahl said. "Congratulations to Alan Miller and Jena Ross for advancing to the runoff election. I look forward to watching this next phase of the campaign process. The Republican Party is committed to defending individual liberties and enacting legislation that puts people first. I am confident that both of these candidates will be strong leaders, dedicated to upholding our traditional, Conservative values and protecting the people of Alabama from the radical, left-wing agenda."

As a former Secretary of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education, Ross said her first concern if she were to take office would be to improve the quality of education, while Miller, a current Arab City councilman with a background in finance, said he would focus on transparency, public safety and workforce development.

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