During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Thursday, Nick Saban had a noticeable redness in his right eye. McAfee jokingly asked Saban if he had been hitting the squat rack too hard and burst a blood vessel. Saban brushed it off, saying he didn’t know how it happened, but he was fine, and it didn’t hurt.

Later Thursday night, during his radio show “Hey Coach,” Saban addressed his bloodshot eye.

Saban said he got a visit from his doctor after practice to get the eye checked out.

“It doesn’t hurt, but it does look bad. It looks like I’ve been in a gang fight, and my gang didn’t show,” Saban joked. “I go see Doc, he comes to see me after practice today. And he looks at me and said, ‘You been coughing?’ I said, ‘No.’”

The doctor was then able to render a quick diagnosis.

“He said, ‘You know, you can get this from yelling?’… He says, ‘You got it from yelling. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just got it from yelling. So you busted a blood vessel in your eye from yelling too much.’ Probably because the players are talking to each other on the field, that’s probably the reason.”

This weekend’s game with LSU is a big one if Alabama wants to keep its goals alive. Saban has stressed to his team the importance of staying focused and maintaining intensity throughout the week and for a full 60 minutes.

Alabama hosts LSU on Saturday at 6:45 p.m. CT on CBS, and Saban should be ready to go with or without a bloodshot eye.

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