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Nick Saban Iron Bowl Practice Week Alabama News
Nick Saban delivers final message before the Iron Bowl

Wednesday night on “Hey Coach,” Saban praised the support that the fans have supplied this year and stressed the need for the support to travel on the road as well.

Nick Saban Sidelines LSU 2022 Alabama News
Saban bursts eye blood vessel from 'yelling' during practice for Saturday's bout against LSU

During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show on Thursday, Nick Saban had a noticeable redness in his right eye.

Saban Practice Tennessee Week Alabama News
Saban turns to 'Hey Coach' caller for pass protection advice

It’s no secret that the Alabama offensive line has struggled this year.

Coach Saban Twitter AlabamaFTBL Alabama News
'Success can be an enemy to us all' — Saban encourages players to stay focused

Nick Saban knows that even success can be harmful if players let it go to their heads.

Dick Butkus Giving Rolando Mc Clain Butkus Award Alabama News
Nick Saban speaks on the impression that NFL legend Dick Butkus left on him

Legendary Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus passed away Thursday at the age of 80.