It’s no secret that the Alabama offensive line has struggled this year. Through seven games this season, Alabama has given up 31 sacks, putting them 126th in the nation out of 130 teams in sacks allowed.

On Thursday's episode of "Hey Coach," Nick Saban’s first caller of the night was PeeWee from Grand Bay. PeeWee said that over the past couple of weeks, the Crimson Tide offensive line has made some improvements, but there were still some pre-snap mistakes and giving up pressure on the left-hand side on the line against the speed rush. PeeWee asked Saban what could be done to help out the left side of the line.

“You know, PeeWee, I was gonna ask you the same question,” Saban joked. “You know more about the offensive line than I do, so why don’t you tell me what you think.”

PeeWee suggested that Saban put a back over on the left side to help Kadyn Proctor.

“I think I’m in total agreement with you that we’ve been very inconsistent at times in pass protection,” Saban said. “Some of it has been created by the left side of the line, which I think there is strategic things we can do to help that side of the line. You mentioned several of them. I also think that we made some mistakes sometimes in pressure and terms of how we block pressures and I think that comes from communication which can come from very good preparation and really good confidence.”

A good amount of the pass rush and sacks has come from the left side of the line, focusing mainly on true freshman Kadyn Proctor. Proctor has the size and skill to be an NFL left tackle one day, but right now, he is struggling with the speed rush. His lack of experience has stuck out so far this season.

Saban made a point to remind everyone that he is a talented young player. He also told the fans that the high expectation of replacing a player and expecting them to play like a first-round draft pick from day one is not necessarily the case.

Over the offseason, Alabama lost many players to the transfer portal and some older, more experienced players to the NFL draft. Developing players takes time, but will the Alabama fans be patient enough to let the process do its job?

Alabama will face Tennessee at 2:30 p.m. inside Bryant-Denny Stadium and will also be broadcast on CBS. We will be watching to see if Saban takes PeeWee’s advice on how to slow the pass rush.

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