State Senate Majority Leader Clay Scofield (R-Guntersville) has confirmed that he has been in talks with the Business Council of Alabama about leaving the legislature for a job opportunity but said he would never become a lobbyist.

Last week, 1819 News first broke the story about Scofield potentially resigning to become a top lobbyist at the BCA, what one lawmaker called the "worst kept secret in Montgomery."

Since then, 1819 News has received reports of potential candidates already trying to campaign for the District 9 seat, and State Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R-Prattville) announced his bid to fill the vacant State Senate Majority Leader post should Scofield resign.

Multiple calls by 1819 News to Scofield for confirmation and further questioning have gone unanswered, and several messages have been unreturned.

Despite having ample opportunity to address the 1819 News' report over the last week, Scofield instead told Alabama Daily News (ADN) that details of his departure were "unfortunate rumors" and "untrue."

"It's unfortunate when rumors get posted online like this because so much is wrong and untrue," Scofield told ADN. "I've been working with BCA toward better business policies for 13 years, so of course, I'm honored to be considered for a leadership position there. But there are still questions to answer before we take any next steps."

The leadership position, Scofield said, could involve managing a government affairs team rather than lobbying lawmakers directly.

"I don't want to be a lobbyist, and I wouldn't be," Scofield said. "But there are still legal questions for those in leadership just because of so many gray areas in our ethics law. So again, this is very premature."

According to the Alabama Ethics Code, legislatures must wait at least two years after the end of their elected term before they could lobby, meaning Scofield would have to delay until 2028 if he had any intention to become a lobbyist.

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