Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen said his office is "staying vigilant" regarding voter and election integrity after an official with the Houston County Board of Registrars had to be removed last week over allegations of voter fraud.

"We saw pretty quickly that there were some violations going on. We simply cannot allow someone who has operated in such a manner to continue to serve as a member of the board of registrars. So we took decisive action," Allen said on last Friday's episode of "Alabama Unfiltered."

The relevant portion begins around the 22:15 mark.

Dorothy Robbins was removed from the board after she allegedly processed voter registration forms without signatures, registered a voter using her own home address when that voter did not live with her, made registrants active who had been convicted of disqualifying felony convictions and issued photo identification to non-registered voters, including individuals who had committed felonies. Allen said all of the information and evidence gathered by his office regarding Robbins' misdeeds had been turned over to law enforcement.

"Pretty significant things there, enough to require us to move pretty quickly," he said.

Despite the bad actions of one member of a board of registrars, Allen said the majority of members of boards across the state, which he got to know during his campaign for office last year, are hard-working, upstanding citizens.

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"These folks, they care about their community. They're public servants, and they want to do right," Allen said. "Unfortunately, we just had one that had to be removed… But, no, we've got some outstanding people throughout all of our 67 counties that are serving the public and ensuring election integrity. It's really the foundation of everything. It's where it all starts."

Allen said he intends to hold true to his campaign promise of keeping Alabama's elections secure and transparent, and he warned anyone else who might try to abuse the system that his office is watching.

"We're staying vigilant… We are going to be responsive and accountable to the people," he said.

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