The second person shot at The Quest Club in Birmingham has succumbed to his injuries, police said Sunday.

Shane Gady, 32, and Terrance Terrell Brown, Jr., both of Birmingham, shot each other after a physical altercation inside the LGBTQ club on May 24.

Brown was pronounced dead at the scene, and Gady later died at UAB Hospital.

Police were first dispatched to the scene in the 400 block of 24th Street South around 6:30 a.m. Officer Truman Fitzgerald said police and other club-goers attempted life-saving measures on the victims.

Fitzgerald said the shooting and other violent crimes at the nightclub were cause for concern. He said the city of Birmingham must put more energy towards ensuring the safety of the surrounding community.

Another double shooting in 2022 claimed the life of one man and injured another. In 2021, a Birmingham Police officer working security at the club was shot and injured.

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