A mini-mart in Selma received a wave of negative Yelp reviews on Sunday after internet users identified its owner as one of the men present at Saturday's Riverpark brawl in Montgomery.

On Saturday evening, Montgomery Police Department (MPD) officers responded to a disturbance on Coosa Street. They witnessed a large group of people in a fistfight on the dock of the Alabama River.

Witnesses told the press the fight escalated from a disagreement about a pontoon boat blocking the dock where a riverboat was attempting to park. Several witnesses posted videos to social media. 

It appears the brawl involved both males and females. In one of the videos, police can be seen handcuffing participants on both sides of the conflict.

The brawl drew controversy because the individuals on the pontoon boat were predominantly white, whereas the individuals from the riverboat were predominantly black. 

MPD officials are yet to make an official statement. 

According to the Selma Times Journal, Selma business owner Chase Shipman admitted to being present at the brawl in a Facebook post, which has since been deleted.

"I am sure most of you have seen the news about the riverboat incident," he said. "Yes, I was there, but I was the first to try to get away. You can see in the video I attached, and I do not condone what happened. I tried to stop it and realized that I could not, so I tried to get away. There is a video of me being the first to run away because what was happening was wrong and I did not want to be a part of it. I realize I have a business to run and represent, and no charges were filed against me because I was not involved."

According to the report, commenters accused Shipman of lying. 

Shipman is the owner of Vasser's Mini Mart in Selma. 

After the Facebook post, his business received numerous one-star Yelp reviews from all around the country.

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