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Riverboat brawl Alabama News
Assault charge against Montgomery Riverboat co-captain Dameion Pickett dismissed

Two participants in the viral Montgomery Riverfront Brawl were sentenced on Friday.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Montgomery mayor, police chief say no charges filed by police against Harriott II co-captain in viral Riverfront brawl

The co-captain of Montgomery’s Harriott II involved in a brawl in Montgomery's Riverfront Park that got national media coverage in August has not been charged with assault.

pickett Alabama News
Harriott II co-captain charged with assault in viral Montgomery Riverfront brawl

The co-captain of Montgomery’s Harriott II involved in a brawl in Montgomery's Riverfront Park that got national media coverage in August has been charged with assault.

Riverfront Alabama News
Two suspects in viral Montgomery Riverfront Park brawl sentenced

Two of the five suspects in the infamous August Montgomery Riverfront Park brawl that received national media attention pleaded guilty on Friday.

Riverboat brawl Alabama News
Dockworker on viral Riverfront brawl: ‘I was just expecting another peaceful, nice cruise’

A dockworker attacked during a brawl in Montgomery's Riverfront Park that got national media coverage in August said he has some “bumps and bruises” after the incident.

Riverboat brawl Alabama News
Five suspects in viral Montgomery Riverboat brawl plead not guilty

Five suspects arrested due to a brawl in Montgomery's Riverfront Park that got national media coverage in August plead not guilty this week.

BURY THE N WORD 2 Alabama News
Mobile Sgt. John Young calls out Montgomery Mayor Reed's concert for glorifying 'subculture of violence' — 'Any black man promoting that is not worthy of attention'

Mobile police sergeant John Young who gained national attention for calling out violence in black communities is encouraging Montgomery residents to “vote their conscience” in Tuesday’s mayoral election between incumbent Steven Reed and Barrett Gilbreath.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Has Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed made it impossible for the Riverfront brawl suspects to get a fair trial?

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has been vocal about bringing those involved in the fight to justice, so much so that he may be tainting the jury pool and making it impossible for the suspects to receive a fair trial.

State Sen. Kirk Hatcher on CNN, 8/9/2023 Alabama News
State Sen. Hatcher shrugs off racial tension being 'on the rise' after Montgomery Riverfront incident — Says it is an opportunity for 'hope and healing'

Although the now infamous and regrettable incident at the Montgomery Riverfront occurred last Saturday evening, it was not until Tuesday that the national media were prodding local officials about the possibility of a racial element and federal so-called hate crime charges.

Photo from Montgomery Police Alabama News
Fourth suspect, first female, arrested in fallout of Montgomery Riverfront brawl

Officers with the Montgomery Police Department (MPD) arrested a fourth individual concerning Saturday’s brawl at Montgomery’s Riverfront.

Photo from Facebook Alabama News
Former judge, legal analyst Andrew Napolitano: Cases like Montgomery Riverfront brawl 'very difficult to try'

Former judge and legal analyst Andrew Napolitano joined radio host Joey Clark on News Talk 93.1 on Tuesday to discuss potential challenges to adjudicating the Montgomery Riverfront brawl that occurred on Saturday.

Shipman Alabama News
Montgomery brawl assault suspect a Democrat voter

Although there are still many unknowns about a Saturday Montgomery Riverfront Park brawl that has received national attention, as of Thursday, three assault suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Reed on Reid Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Reed: 'We're working very closely with the FBI' on Riverfront brawl investigation

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed revealed on Tuesday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Reidout” that the city has been working with the FBI to investigate the brawl that took place Saturday on the Montgomery Riverboat Dock.

Riverfront Alabama News
Media eager to inject racial motive into Montgomery Riverfront brawl despite lack of evidence

If the recent Riverfront brawl has taught anything, it's that the corporate media loves to hammer racism; and when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Darryl Albert Alabama News
No race-related charges against 3 suspects in Montgomery Riverfront brawl

Three suspects in the brawl at the Montgomery Riverfront on Saturday are charged with assault, with no hate crime or racially related charges filed.

Roy johnson Alabama News
AL(dot)com columnist likens Riverwalk brawl to the modern race struggle — 'Not today, white people'

Although Montgomery Police have no reason to suspect a racial component behind the Montgomery Riverfront melee over the weekend, a columnist for AL(dot)com is suggesting the brawl is akin to the struggle black people face today.

Photo from Tripadvisor Alabama News
Selma business owner present at weekend Riverpark brawl receives wave of negative Yelp reviews after Facebook post

A mini-mart in Selma received a wave of negative Yelp reviews on Sunday after internet users identified its owner as one of the men present at Saturday’s Riverpark brawl in Montgomery.