E-PAC, one of the nation's most proven political action committees, is putting its support and influence behind Alabama's Caroleene Dobson, according to a recent report from the National Journal.

Dobson, the Republican nominee for Congressional District 2, has an uphill race ahead against Democrat nominee Shomari Figures. District 2 was purposefully drawn to favor a Democratic candidate after a legal battle over redistricting lines.

However, E-PAC has a track record of turning the tables on voting day. House Republican Conference Chairman Elise Stefanik formed E-PAC in 2018 following a red wave in Washington.

The National Journal used examples from New York, Iowa and even California to demonstrate the PAC's influence. Their report also showed how E-PAC allowed for a historic number of female conservative candidates in 2020.

Stefanik hopes momentum continues in 2024, especially in key swing states and districts.

"One of the things I'm most proud of is [that] E-PAC is often the first endorsement of these key races," Stefanik told the Journal.

E-PAC supported Dobson in her fight for the GOP nomination, and Stefanik said despite challenges, she believes in the Dobson campaign.

"That's a sleeper race you guys aren't paying attention to," Stefanik said. "She's going to win that race." 

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