A measure prohibiting so-called transgender medical therapies for minors has stalled out in the Alabama House of Representatives with just five legislative days remaining on the calendar.

Senate Bill 184 (SB184) is sponsored by State Sen. Shay Shelnutt (R-Trussville). The bill has passed the Alabama Senate and is expected to pass overwhelmingly in the House, if House members are given the opportunity to vote on it.

If passed into law, a doctor who prescribes a puberty blocker or hormone treatment to a person under the age of 19 could be charged with a Class C felony.

The legislation also prohibits school officials from withholding any information about their child's confusion about their gender identity from a parent.

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During an interview with Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show," Shelnutt expressed his frustration with the hold up in the lower chamber and hinted the Senate could react by slowing House bills under consideration in the Senate down until the House allows a vote.

"It has actually passed the Senate three sessions in a row," Shelnutt said. "Over 80% of the body of the Senate has voted it out. It had no problem getting out of the Senate any session. it stalled out first time in the House because of COVID. Everything got shut down except for budgets. And then last year, we thought it would pass and it kind of got monkeyed around with and delayed. And you know, it got put on the calendar near the end and never got a vote.

"We're trying to get a vote. It would pass overwhelmingly in the House but for some reason, it's having trouble getting on the calendar and getting to a vote in the House. I don't understand why because like I said, it would pass with an overwhelming vote count. I'm not sure exactly but I think it would have over 80 votes in the House."

The Jefferson County Republican lawmaker urged listeners to contact their member of the House and urge them to push for a vote.

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