The Southeast Red Angus Association will host its 31st annual Grasstime Cattle Auction, where customers can purchase Red Angus cattle.

On April 2, cattle producers will be able to bid on dozens of Red Angus cows. The consignment auction will draw a nationwide attendance, as it has developed a reputation as a preferred destination for purchasing Red Angus cattle. 

Red Angus is a classification placed on certain breeds of cows based on their genetic standards. It is one of the highest standards for cows due to the meticulously scientific and high quality of the breeding process.  

The auction will be held in Cullman on April 2, starting at noon. The Gilchrist Auction Co. will be hosting the event. Gilchrist Auction Co. has developed a reputation for being the premier location to acquire Red Angus cattle in the southeast. 

The auction will feature many Red Angus heifers, bulls, fall females, commercial females and Red Angus certified bull products used in insemination. 

"As you search for places to buy top quality Red Angus genetics, ask yourself, 'Why does an annual consignment auction succeed for over 31 years?' The answer: the quality of the cattle and the dedication of the beef producers who raise them," said Kyle Gilchrist of Gilchrist Auction Co. "The first Southeast Red Angus Association Sale was held on May 2, 1992, and while I was not at this sale, I began a 30-year span of being the auctioneer/sale manager in 1993. The folks of the Southeast region of the United States have established this auction as 'the Premier Red Angus Event for Red Angus' with buyers traveling across the United States to purchase top-quality Red Angus genetics year after year.

"…Red Angus genetics will help propel your program from simply selling commodity cattle to [selling] premium quality cattle."

In 1954, seven breeders gathered to establish a unique breeder's organization known as the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA). The RAAA sought to reinvent the cattle breeding norms of the time and pursue new scientific principles of performance testing. 

According to the RAAA's first president, Waldo Forbes, Sr., the association strives provide more sustainable methods of beef production by focusing more diligently on superior performance genetics.

"The policy of the [Red Angus] Association is to discourage the more artificial practices in purebred cattle production and to place its faith instead in objective tests, consisting for the most part of comparisons within herds of factors of known economic importance and known heritability," Forbes said. "By making this an integral part of the registration system, Red Angus breeders feel that even faster progress can be made toward the ultimate goal of more efficient beef production."

According to the RAAA, the Red Angus gene pool offers a consistent source of traditional Angus traits, including carcass quality, maternal characteristics, calving ease and moderate size. In addition, Red Angus offers uniformity, good disposition and outstanding feeding characteristics. All of these are backed by the industry's comprehensive genetic predictions.

The RAAA boasts that not only is the quality of the cows far superior using Red Angus genetics, but Red Angus standards lead to more sustainable farming.   

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