State Rep. Chip Brown (R-Hollinger's Island) announced on Thursday that he had pre-filed legislation for the 2024 legislative session that would require all insurance companies operating in Alabama to formally provide customers a written notice at least 90 days before canceling, reducing or non-renewing their property coverage.

The 2024 session is slated to convene on Feb. 6, 2024. The legislation would take effect three months after being signed into law by the governor.

Additionally, Brown's legislation would require insurers to wait until at least 90 days after a property has been fully repaired from hurricane damage, wind loss, or other emergency declarations before canceling or non-renewing residential or commercial insurance policies.

"Suffering loss from a hurricane, tropical storm, or other disaster is traumatic enough on individuals, families, and business owners without having to worry about their insurance coverage being cancelled at a moment's notice," Brown said. "This legislation will provide a much-needed measure of security and comfort during difficult times while ensuring that repairs are finished and claims are fully settled before insurance companies are allowed to sever ties with those they cover."

Brown said the bill is needed to expand current requirements and close existing loopholes in insurance regulations.

Brown says the bill has been pre-filed. However, the bill has to receive a bill number.

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