When the new Alabama legislative session begins next year, State Rep. Ed Oliver (R-Dadeville) is looking to tackle the issue of "divisive concepts," like critical race theory (CRT), being taught in schools.

Last regular session, a divisive concept bill was passed by the House but failed in the Senate, primarily due to a lack of time, Oliver told Phil Williams on Monday's episode of Rightside Radio. Since then, the bill has been rewritten with the help of the Eagle Forum and other organizations.

"It'll be the first bill out in the Legislature this next session, and I expect it to pass easily," Oliver said.

Oliver said the problem with CRT in schools starts in colleges with how future teachers are trained to teach.

"Ultimately, the reason that the left wants to push CRT amongst little kids is simply they want to sexualize them. They want to racialize them at an early age to make them easy to manage, pure and simple," he said. "I hate to say a way to create more left-wingers that are woke and will do the things that the left wants them to do, but that's exactly what it is, to divide people. To make groups fight each other, so they're easier to manage."

Once passed, Oliver said the enforcement part of the bill comes down to money.

"Because you spend your tax dollars on public education, that is one place the Legislature has oversight because of that," he said. "We actually have the authority to affect curriculum."

At the local level, holding teachers accountable would start first with school principals and then local school boards, which could enact any disciplinary measure they choose, up to and including termination, Oliver said.

"The language of the bill is good. In high school, in junior high, in elementary school, I think we're in great shape," he said. "Post-secondary is where I'm most concerned at this point."

Similar to CRT, Oliver said "part 2" of this effort would be to address "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" (DEI) training, which he said has infiltrated "every school we have."

"It's sort of the dumbing down of post-secondary education," he said.

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